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D3monT 24th June, 2014 07:19 PM

[WEB]New Universal Unreal Interface
Hello every players,

We developp a new interface for Universal Unreal tool. More friendly, better design, open source template for all.

Universal Unreal is a tool where you can connect with an other server in game by command and, you can add your friend on the website, look if they play and where they play, then click to join.

In this way, we thought about how you can better use this tool when you aren't in game. Our solution is a responsive design, where you can check your friend on your mobile or tablet, if you are and admin you can administrate your UU too. Easy to use, easy to administrate, and open source for all.

If you want your server in our univers, ask us here or fb and register on our Universal Unreal!

You can find our demo and Universal Unreal service here:

Download Universal Unreal teamplate by UTSLV:
(just replace files, but make a save before)


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