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Wormbo 3rd September, 2004 10:46 PM

[UT200x] Secure Controller
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Secure Controller locks down certain features of the so-called PlayerController class, i.e. the UnrealScript class in UT200x that controller the player character in the game. This will prevent most script aimbots and script wall hacks from working correctly.

Secure Controller 2k4 v3 is identical to the secured PlayerController class in Anti TCC v1.18.

Secure Controller is not compatible to TTM200x, UTComp or any other mod that needs to replace the PlayerController. It will work fine with any version of UTSecure or Anti TCC, though.

Please make sure you download the correct file.
SecureController2k4 is for UT2004, while SecureController2k3 is for UT2003.

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