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that's is a windows prefetch file....Prefetch Files
A prefetch is a Windows file that indexes information about programs you use. When you run Microsoft Word, it needs to load several things, such DLL files and drivers, before it is launched. These files are scattered in different directories, which Windows has to fetch every time you run Microsoft Word. The prefetch files speed up this process by indexing the information needed to launch the program. Instead of locating every directory for the drivers needed to launch Microsoft Word, it simply checks the prefetch file then launches the program.
The prefetch file is named similarly to the application it is set to launch. The information it contains includes the executable associated with launching the program, the directory location where the process is located, the last time you ran the program, and how many times you've launched the program since the prefetch file was created. The prefetch also contains a list of all the DLLs and drivers used in launching the program and where they can be found. The indexing process used by the prefetch makes it easy for Windows to launch commonly used applications.
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things that make you wonder or kinda go wow.....
false positive?

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