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Question Having Problems with Custom Skins On server

I have been searching various server forums but I am still lost. I bought 2 UT 2004 games the day it was relesed. 1 for me and 1 to use as a server for myself and frinds to play on. With a new laptop I have a spare comp to set up the server. I have custom skins installed. How do I get these skins to download to clients who join my server? Basically we like the Halo skins and want to use them when we play but I just want to have them download them from my server. How do i go about doing this I have tried to add:
to the UT2004.ini but I get errors, Failed to load HaloHumans, can't find file HaloHumans.

I tried someone's Dangergirl Skins and the same thing happened, Failed to load NDG_Abbey, can't find file NDG_Abbey.

What am i doing wrong? Please help me out here I am obviously a newb to this so please explain slowly. Thanks!
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