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with a manually shared banlist, doesn't each admin who wants those bans added to theirs have to hand enter each one? during 2k3-2k4, our clan regularly manually shared bans with 3-4 clans. Any ban enforced on any of those 10-12 servers had to be sent to each of the admins and entered by hand.

how hard would it to be to create a list feature?

on the server end, you could implement it like this

ClanA(aimbot=true, other=true, annoyance=false)
ClanB(aimbot=true, other=true, annoyance=true)
ClanC(aimbot=true, other=true, annoyance=true)
LadderA(aimbot=true, other=true, annoyance=true)
LadderB(aimbot=true, other=true, annoyance=true)


where Clan and Ladder names match the "published" lists of each of those organizations.

being able to add those lines of text, or ones that serve the same function for retrieval/management of banlists, would have saved me and 3 or 4 other admins hundreds of combined manhours in the last three years.

don't get me wrong, I love UTAN, and can't believe that I waited until early 2006(?) to install it; but going forward for UT3, the shared banlist would save many people much time and allow much faster reaction times across UT communities when repeatacheaters (old cheater, new guid) returned again and again.

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