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that would be awesome man.. noggie has basically given us the source for ATB.. here;

and has also given us a couple of ideas as to wear to put the 'Kitchen sink' etc.. and changed the copyright to WTFGPL which is awesome.


anyways.. this stats thing , much like nexgen stats.. thing is pretty cool and has stirred quite a bit of interest..

I especially like the way it can either collect stats from gametype or mutator chain.. as we can diversify it for each gametype on a multiserver.

however I have some better ideas I think in order to make it work more efficiently .. for example combining it with mapvoteLA Prefixes.. and using them as the gametype selector instead of mutator chain.

^ why I say this is because , if I add a new mutator to the chain or remove it then all stats are gone.. :\

also theres the customisation of the output of the stats header.. currently only detects GameTypes.. which is kinda .. boring , esp if we have multiple GameStyles for each GameType.


"Botpack.CTFGame" + Normal CTF
"Botpack.CTFGame" + InstaGib
"Botpack.CTFGame" + Combo InstaGib


would be cool to be able to customise the stats Headings for each individual GameStyle based on Prefix or something.

Also Scores hopefully expand the stats window div as they get bigger in terms of digits.. atm it can fit XXXX Digits.. but what happens when players get to XXXXXXX digits?

other thing is trying to find the cmd for getting the current ATB Scroeboard to pop out.. Noggie give us a bogus console cmd which equates to nothing.

"mutate highscores" = Ziltch.. Thinking of havign a look through the code and seeing what the actual cmd is..

anyways all kinds of exciting things can be made to cater for the next 10 years if you are kean bro

I like the nexgen stats thing where you could configure it to show the top 5 players from like 4-5 different gametypes all in the one window.
was thinking perhaps ... like having 4-6 stats windows sliding in from the left .. like 4-6 columns with stats from all gamestyles on server.. but yer.. not sure.

a scoreboard with descent stats collection and stats scoreboard would be cool. Players seem to like this kinda thing

another Idea I have had is .. some kinda Events Calendar thingy.. which .. based on certain dates in the .ini will popup like those server pics .. some kinda image/animation user defined.

so like we could set mothersday/fathersday/birthdays/events/xmas all sorts.. based on dates in a .ini .. of course this may be kinda tricky as different countries have events on different days.. but this could be interesting..

I have been kinda following Feralis tutorials over at but been little bit busy lately with these servers and stuff..

anyways man GREAT to see you back in here.. and there are only a select few ppl still modding for UT99 .. and hopefully we can have one last crack at reviving UT99 or leaving a long lasting legacy at least for those who come over the next 15 years

also re scoreboard , have had a bit of feedback and players really like Sp0ngebob's one .. as it is smaller.. however .. I am thinking.. I would like to fit a few more players onto it and cater for between 16-20 players max.. perhaps even 32

so Iam thinking 2 columns of between 8/16 names.. actually would be cool if the board grew/shrank depending on the amount of players (doubtful that could happen)

Iam thinking here along the lines of Seige Ultimate which caters for I think 32 entries?

also.. I would like to somehow make the BG Fully Transparent.. like stock UT SB.. I noticed when watching some PUG matches on twitchTV from GlobalUnreal *NEWNET* recently. that they specced players with the stock scoreboard up the whole time.. and although it covers the screen you could still watch players through it.

now if we could have some power over these settings for SmartDM/CTF then this would be really cool

Perhaps.. you could make your own scoring system based on SmartDm/CTF's existing scoring system already in place.And incorporate these idea's into it?
that would be awesome.

instead of cookies.. we could customise the currency as such.. like dollars, euro's etc..

also regarding smartDM perhaps if we could combine iDFx's SmartUT (for team based games) into [1] version as it gets messy having now [3] separate SB's for multi-server configurations.. and these other chaps just drift in/out as if ifs a tinny shop or something. Or get stoned and forget what they were doing and end up knitting or something for like months/years..

anyways yes.. these are my most recent idea's...

I know ut-stats is pretty awesome .. but tbh I reckon having a descent stats system which is controlled via server independant of webserver is the way to go... I always dread setting up ut-stats and stuff.. when building servers.. and dislike the way it works personally.

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