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Unread 18th August, 2007, 11:21 AM
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Default Multiple bugs...

Ok, so I can create a new ban fine. But today, it seems the data I provide are being truncated. When I display the ban information:
- GUID is cut down to 10 characters.
- IP is limited to the 2 first numbers (with the dot in the middle).
- Reason is shortened to 3 characters.
This happens for new bans and also for edited bans.
While I don't know how this thing works behind the scenes, it seems to me that it is not only a display problem; the data simply seem to saved this way. I noticed this bug after doing a Traq and seeing the ban wasn't listed.

I'm also getting this error since yesterday :
[2007-08-18 04:15:22] - [ERROR] Unexpected response from UTAN database. (Code: 500)
[2007-08-18 04:15:22] - [MESSAGE] The UTAN server could not process the tracker data.
Might be related...