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Default Clan Manager

Name: Clan Manager
Version: 1g Fix (1h 6T)
Compatibility: Should be compatible with everything in UT2004. Don't know about mods...

UPDATE. See post 6

This is a little update to the OLD version of the Clan Manager 1g.
I changed only two things: Firstly I added a chat-message that is sent to all players if a cheater is caught. It might show the name of the illegal file/command.
Secondly I fixed a huge security hole which allowed every player to get access to all Clan Manager menus and commands. This is also the reason why I updated the mutator.

Furthermore I included the source-code (except the anticheat-part), around 20000 lines of code.
Hope it helps someone to get into UScript. Oh, and if you want to develop the mutator further or if you copy something from it, please credit me in the code/readme/info-menu. Thx

The Clan Manager is a mainly server-side mutator for UT2004 dedicated servers which enhances the security of the server, provides methods useful for clans (like a clan-tag protection) and other useful features like a nickname-checker or a WhoIs-System. It does only change the game a bit if the "Trial-Friendly-Mode" is active (e.g. no-collision-players, fast respawn items).

Well, here comes a list of all features of the Clan Manager:
  • Special enter-messages for members and administrators (they appear in the chat or directly on the upper screen).
  • Clantag-Protection: Forbids non-clanmembers to use the clantag.
  • Nickname-Filter: Filters “invisible” characters (i.e. they don't show up in UT2004) and illegal nicknames. Can also be used to create clanmember-only nicknames.
  • A “second” private server: Only members can join the server, all others must know a second password to enter the server. They can also be invited by members and admins. This feature prevents the spreading of the server password and helps to keep the private server really private.
  • Clanchat: Members can send messages in an own “clan-channel”, i.e. only other admins and members can read the text.
  • Anticheat-System: You can use it together with AntiTCC and SafeGame -> doubled protection (1h 6T: Haven't tested it, should still work)
  • Player-Logging: Logs the players' GUID, IP, etc.
  • WhoIs-System: Saves old names of players so that these can be looked up later by other players.
  • AFK-Detector: Depending on what you choose this feature marks idle players as AFK, forces them to become a spectator, kicks them or even bans them.
  • A feature which tries to prevent damage of bad-coded mutators (I mean mutators containing an error which stops other mutators to work correctly).
  • Server-/Client-side Spam-Blocker: Prevent spam either just for you (available for all players) or for everyone (available only for admins).
  • Trial-Friendly-Mode (some optimizations for trial-maps like no-collision players).
  • Ingame Spectator: Allows players to spectate ingame. Very useful on trial-maps.
  • Many commands for administrators which can be accessed without logging in as admin (after registering as administrator).
  • All settings are configurable through menus (is not true for new settings in version 1h 6T!). Other menus: Ingame Specatator menu, Spam-Blocker-menu, Commands-menu, own member-settings menu.
  • Very flexible structure: All features can be turned on/off individually.
  • Profiles to configure many settings for each game separately.
  • Very detailed readme (only for 1g fix so far)
  • Source code included (except anticheat part, only 1g fix)
The mutator also runs on our servers. IPs: and However, only admins can see all features.

Credits: The whole UT2k4Gaming-Team which helped to find most of the bugs and for some ideas.

Download: Clan Manager 1h 6T + 1g fix
Unreal Dependencies: UnrealDeps (Updated: 20.04.11)
Check dependencies of unreal packages; uz, uz2, uz3 standalone compression/decompression

A multifunctional UT2004 mutator: Clan Manager 1h 6T (Updated 04.07.09)
(Clanmember-/Admin-enter-messages, Clantag-Protection, Clanchat, Player-Logging, AFK-Detector, WhoIs, "second" private server to keep non-clanmembers out and much more.) Source included.

Check client screenshots for cheats (an UT2004-Mutator): Screenshot Sender (Updated: 27.11.08)

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