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Unread 17th December, 2004, 04:41 AM
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actually you are all wrong speed hack is ana absolute glitch in ut the programmers ruined it by accident it is suppose to detect when a person is actually speed hacking(cheating to move faster in a server) but they messed it up and what it is doing is if you have a fast connection or a really shit connection (extremes) then the server reads it as your pc is moving faster then the server in turn stopping or variantly slowing you down until the problem is fixed which is why when it comes up you cannont move as normal... so there is no way to fix this it is not a hack and a true hacker will never get caught guaranteed trust me anyone who gets caught is a wannabe i know a guy(wont say names like it would help you hes too good) that has cheated since the old days of quake never got caught once he even plays on wormbos servers in ut all the time never has got caught but the noobs that make it obvious are gay he has it set to key bind so it only happens right when he kills then he immediately cuts it off hahahahah youll never catch him hes too good... sorry but a true hacker cannot be cauht no matter what guaranteed