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Unread 6th June, 2008, 09:25 PM
kevinsalterego kevinsalterego is offline
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Default Webadmin does NOT work with Dedicated Windows2k3 server.

Following this guide:

I was able to get a working webadmin/dedicated server on one of my client PC's running WindowsXP with the retail game installed. Utweb.ini and UTWebadmin.ini were both created exactly as they should be and the webadmin interface worked like a charm.

However, when I download the latest dedicated server (1.33gb or something) and installed it on my Win2k3 server box, webadmin never worked, despite being installed properly. Using a command line generator, I start the server up just fine, but the necessary files are never created and it never says webadmin is loaded...and when I manually create the ini files, webadmin still doesn't work. My guess is that there is something wrong with my command line since on my XP box I could just load up the game to start the server. Can't do that on the Win2k3 box : /

Any suggestions? I'm just trying to setup a dedicated server for my LAN center. Not open to the internet, just LAN. It should be easier than this
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Unread 16th July, 2008, 06:25 PM
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dirrty[starbuck] dirrty[starbuck] is offline
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I wrote a straightforward walk through on Dirrtyclan's forum: HowTo: Install UT3 WebAdmin

We're running UT3 dedicated server on a Windows 2003 box... Make sure your dedicated install has been patched with version 1.2 or higher (1.3 is currently still beta). Also, grab WebAdmin version 1.3 not the most recent version 1.4 which requires patch 1.3
UT3 Server:
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Unread 19th September, 2008, 10:54 AM
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ya i have had it running on a 2k3 box also is just have never liked it... It still doesn't see all mutators or control them properly yet. at least on the last version I tried..Am hoping all will work out but am getting used to ini'ing it now.. Although have the muts in the command line a few dont even appear in the list for the server yet work in game, have to keep reminding the few people I see that wall dodge is on.
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