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Unread 9th August, 2001, 08:21 AM
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Here it is, in it's bug ridden glory

Before you download this, you need to READ what I'm trying here.

First, please understand this is a preview. I'm looking for feedback on the new weapons, etc. But this means there are probably bugs, incompletes and so forth.

So PLEASE, do not run anything in here on a public server

I am releasing it for people to play with but it's not ready for prime time. If you run it on a public server, I'll only have to deal with people with version mismatch errors, etc.

Second, the 3 maps CAN NOT be distributed. These are the rules. Even if you love them, leave them be until they are done. Do not put them on a pub server, do not give them out.

These 2 rules are very important for one reason or another. If it does get out I'm just not going to release any more previews. It's that simple.

Also, feel free to preview it to web sites, etc, but please don't review it yet. It is after-all unfinished.

There is a lot new... here is a brief list..

New Flag Rules
  • Flag Duels - when 2 players have the flag, they can both agree to duel it out where only they can hurt each other. The winner get's the cap, the lose goes home
  • Weighted Flags - Pickup a flag, and your movement speed/agility is reduced. This really forces team-play
  • Play it where it lies - when you kill the enemy FC and they drop the flag, only your FC can pick it up and return it. Otherwise your team must defend it where it lies for a minute or so when it then returns to the base

New Balanced Weapons
  • Sniper Rifle - Supports advanced zooming for easier targetting, but also shoots tracer ammo and cannot be used while moving
  • ASDM - Shock combo's now use all remaining ammo and deal damage depending on the amount of ammo left.
  • MiniGun - Alt-Fire mode now has VR kickback.
  • Translocator - Telefragging can be disabled, and CTF/e insures there is only 1 T/L effect per player at any one time, reducing massive lags.
  • Impact Hammer - shuts down when within a given distance of a transporter (no more lame hammer camping)

New Scoring

CTF/e scores very differently than CTF. Here is the basic run down:

Killing someone gives 1 point + bonuses

Bonuses are
  • +1 if you are close to your FC
  • +1 if you are close to your flag (ie: defending the flag)
  • +1 if the victim was targetting your teammate
  • +1 if the victim was targetting your FC
  • +3 for killing the enemy FC
  • +2 if you denied a cap (explained later)
  • -1 if you kill yourself outside your defensive zone
  • -5 for team killing

Points are accumlitive so if you kill the enemy FC who is targetting your FC you get 7 points.

Capturing a flag gives you up to 25 points. However, these points are pooled between every player who touches the flag. So if you grab the flag, get killed, but your friend picks it up, get's killed and then yet another person picks it up and caps it.. you each get 8 points.

When returning the flag, you get 2 points if in your defensive zone, or 5 points in the enemy defensive zone.

Denials occur when you kill the Enemy FC right before they make a cap. These give you a +2 point bonus and taunt the other team.

New Menus and Hud

There is a new logon menu for quick and easy team picking, new admin menu for easy access, a new effects for the hud (ping display, Team Tracking) and a new scoreboard.

The scoreboard also includes advance controls that allow you to scroll though the list of players if there are too many to fit on the screen.

All the old stuff
  • Advance team balancing with bonuses and such are back
  • As are the titans, only smaller and meaner
  • Advance item dropping (midfielders can again restock the FC)
  • Advance teamsay %x varables
  • everything else

Now there are things not yet finished. For starts, the new redeemer, flak and Rocket Launcher isn't ready. Also, some exploits are not fixed yet that will be (flag launcher, hammer/boots launching, etc). Also, the final version will hopefully have Valhalla Avatar built in (if USA get's it done). 2 new relics are done but don't have models so I didn't include them (Vampire where causing damage gives you health and Stealth which changes your color to the opposite teams as long as you don't shoot).

And there are probably bugs. Feel free to report them here (and/or suggestions too).

By clicking on the below link you agree not to redistribute any portion of this preview or use this preview on a public server!

Click here to download.
( :: approx 11 meg)
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Unread 10th August, 2001, 06:17 AM
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I run a small BBS at and a few servers. Can I start a passworded, non-advertised server and invite some of our regular players to play on it? Off course the invitation would have the entire readme about not to do redistributions and all that you just mentioned. Would that be ok?
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Unread 10th August, 2001, 08:24 AM
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That would be fine.
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Unread 10th August, 2001, 08:35 AM
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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Go get some sleep now.
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Unread 10th August, 2001, 04:44 PM
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dling now, cheers
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Unread 11th August, 2001, 04:18 PM
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Sounds impressive, downloading
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Unread 21st October, 2005, 01:48 PM
Adrian[ADIES]'s Avatar
Adrian[ADIES] Adrian[ADIES] is offline
Join Date: May 2005
Location: UK NorthWest
Posts: 252

In the team balancer

how about making it add a bot to even the teams

ie blue=2 red=3 players
add a bot so both teams have 3 players

I know we all hate bots but i think this would be good for CTF matches because with a small number of players another man makes all the difference.

And does this replace smart ctf?
__________________ - Dedicated to Strangelove-CTF.

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Unread 21st October, 2005, 02:42 PM
Shambler Shambler is offline
Holy Shit!!
Join Date: Jul 2004
Posts: 875

lmao...Look at the date Adrian Dr.SiN is working at Epic now aswell so you wont be getting a reply from him.
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Unread 23rd October, 2005, 12:10 PM
Adrian[ADIES]'s Avatar
Adrian[ADIES] Adrian[ADIES] is offline
Join Date: May 2005
Location: UK NorthWest
Posts: 252

LMAO woops I gotta check those dates

Congrats DR.Sin
__________________ - Dedicated to Strangelove-CTF.

Download my UT map CTF-Microhec33 :::: Read The Review
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