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Unread 6th August, 2007, 03:19 PM
chu::LOB:: chu::LOB:: is offline
Holy Shit!!
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Default Search Collection of own GUID Traqs?

Brought this up a while ago, no resolution yet

Just looking to be able to plug in an IP range and see how many of the guids I've traq'd come from the same IP range.

This would be an *INCREDIBLY* useful tool, as many of the most persistent cheaters have 20-30 keys, and it's time consuming to try to figure out which of them are in fact the same people coming back again and again.
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Unread 7th August, 2007, 05:26 AM
Unreal1 Unreal1 is offline
Killing Spree
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Default re

PM Krazyone on this site he use to have all 8 servers he had conected to his web site. You type in a guid or ip or name and it would give you all there ips guids and names thy have used. On all 8 servers I dont think he will hand it out he keeps his stuff pretty private but wont hurt to ask. I heard he is quiting gaming and web site hosting so you might wont to ask quick if he is he miight give out what he has. His done lots of custom things he is a very smart coder. If he does hand it out pm me also.
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Unread 7th August, 2007, 04:53 PM
oofki1 oofki1 is offline
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You might not get a response. Some personal things came up in his life and I believe he is shutting down all of his servers.
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