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Unread 27th May, 2003, 10:12 PM
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Originally posted by Raider
Manual Install of pure and i am happy fraggin again
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Unread 18th July, 2003, 11:57 PM
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This problem has been way too chronic. I purchased a copy of UT2003, installed it on my Linux system, immediately played online with some server in Tokyo.

A few weeks later I patched myself to the current release and now play on a Zark Snipers UT2003 server.

I still miss all of the great fun I had playing UT when things worked. I still keep my UT installation. But UT2003 has been stable.

For other UTers that cannot get satisfaction with all of the hoops you have to jump through just to play UT --- I recommend going to UT2003.

Fancy uninstalls and reinstalls and non-standard file copying and retrieving versions of file from unavailable releases is not a solution. A game must simply work for it to be useful and fun.

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Unread 26th July, 2003, 10:59 PM
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The last 2 versions i have seen 6D & 6E, I was able to download from game server w/o any problems. Currently have 6B&6C manually installed.
Great Job, and TY for all ur hard work
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Unread 14th November, 2003, 08:38 AM
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K, ive been on this forum for almost 8 HOURS straight and of all the threads i have viewed ESPCIALLY this one i have found no help at all.... i am a humble person so PLEASE mail me pointing out where i am wrong if i am..... (

first, any sites that seem to have any of the UTpure versions to download (which there are far too many) are either down or dont exist....

second, i run gentoo linux 2.4. my install is a store-bought cd that doesnt seem to work with any d/l'd version of UTpure with any of the patches. Believe me any combo IVE TRIED. it seems UTpure is unpure itself

third, for two weeks after i JUST GOT internet at my new home i havent been able to play on ONE ut server and it is VERY frustrating. in fact it is difficult not to post some flaming raging finger-pointing post...... but i understand that there are soooo many people involved in mass projects like UTpure that little guys like me get lost in the shuffle

fourth, cheaters..... i dont like em. no one does but i say let em cheat. ive used cheats when i was young and stupid. cheats are only instant gratification... but they leave the cheaters feeling empty and unhappy. i worked hard to build the skills i possess today and the right win in the end anyway.

i hope you all really understand how frustrating it is to have the many at the whim of the few. we bend over backwards to try to make laws to punnish those that take advantage, but in the end dont the punnish themselves? UT rocks i want to play again but it seems like those that have the resources of influence arent helping. I will continue to play bot matches but how much longer until my loyalties fade?
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Unread 14th November, 2003, 09:30 AM
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Hmmm, no option to delte misplace posts?
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