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Unread 3rd March, 2008, 05:42 PM
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Red face UT3 Server Problem

Ok from what i've a lot of people are having problems setting up a dedicated UT3 server. I organise month lan's in my town and wanted to get a UT3 server up and running. I know what u are going to so, read the other posts. I have and as clued up as i am with computers i just can't figure this out!

SO if someone would be able to help me a would really appreciate it.

Here is a bit of info about the lan and the server i'm running it on.
There is no firewall besides the windows firewall on the pc & the ip is
There are no routers on this network, just switches. There could possibly be a dhcp server running but that prob won't happen for the first couple events!

If anyone can help, let me say thank u in advance!
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Unread 9th July, 2008, 04:17 PM
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Im with you on this one. I admined COD 4 servers and there was help ie, explicit instructions on what you had to do to set up your server.
I cant find anything like that anywhere...
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Unread 10th July, 2008, 01:55 PM
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Did you guys look at the wiki?
Just when you thought it was safe to pick up the soap ..........
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Unread 11th July, 2008, 04:02 AM
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The wiki should provide enough information to get a server started, if you have had any previous ut game admin experience. Not much has changed for the execution of a server, just the location of the files

I start my server with -configsubdir=<directory name> on the commandline. This means that all the server config files now reside in

<ut3ded directory>/UTGame/Config/<directory name>/

whilst the packages now reside in (which is available serverwide)

<ut3ded directory>/UTGame/CookedPC/

For packages that used to reside in System/ under the old games they now live in the root of <ut3ded directory>/UTGame/CookedPC/ and the sub directories under CookedPC are familiar enough from previous games that you should have little problems determining where to put new packages.

My test server is a linux server which i only set up the other night running BiaVote, here is the basic startup script i'm using. Should be able to tweak it to fit win32 if required.


### UT3 Dedicated Server Startup Script



COMMAND='./ut3 server'

cd ${UT3DIR}/Binaries/
nohup ${COMMAND} ${MAP}?Mutator=${MUTATORS}?numplay=${NUMPLAY}?maxp layers=${MAXPLAYERS}?timelimit=${TIMELIMIT}?goalsc ore=${GOALSCORE}?botskill=${BOTSKILL} -port=${PORT} -configsubdir=${CONFIGDIR} -nohomedir -unattended > ${LOGFILE} &
could do with refining and additional functionality, oneday

Hope this helps. Although i may be entirely on the wrong path here. My server would no show up in the client browser without -nohomedir, which was the same behaviour i experience with one of our ut99 servers initially.

I'm supposed to be installing a win32 dedi once a box arrives at my place so will able to relay any problems/fixes i come across. Hopefully none.

Last edited by ruki : 11th July, 2008 at 04:11 AM.
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