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Unread 13th April, 2010, 06:28 AM
RaGeQuaKe RaGeQuaKe is offline
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Default Apache Error! HELP!

Hey so after hours and hours of trying to figure out how set up a UT2004 dedicated server, I finally figured it out and how to use WebAdmin. But now I ran into some more problems.

I can host a game and use WebAdmin on my Windows based PC just fine. But I want to be able to do the same on my Mac Mini. I have the full retail version of Unreal 2004, not the stand-alone server. Its version 3369.

I set everything up the way I want in Unreal, enable WebAdmin on port 80, and hit "Dedicated" It opens up terminal like normal, but I have absolutely no idea how to get into WebAdmin. On my Windows PC, all I have to type is "http://localhost:80/ServerAdmin" and I get my lovely login screen and all is good. I can also access the PC's WebAdmin through my Macs by typing in its local internal ip address ( and it instantly brings me to login screen where I can administrate my server remotely from any computer on my network.

Now when I try to set up a server on my Mac, I cant do ANY of that. The localhost thing doesn't work, and when I try to type in the local IP of that Mac from my Windows machine AND other macs, it brings me to the Apache Screen, whereas on the Windows server it brought me directly to the UT login screen. It seems like this issue isn't even Unreal related, but more of a general networking topic. Why can't I get the UT WebAdmin Screen? What is this Apache business?

PLEASE help! I really wan't to figure this out once and for all.
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Unread 13th April, 2010, 06:32 AM
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Well it seems that you're also running an apache webserver on your mac then. The UT2004 Webadmin doesn't use apache at least, so obviously the UT2004 webadmin and the apache server are trying to use the same port. You should switch your UT2004 Webadmin to a different port (in the UT2004.ini under [UWeb.WebServer] change the ListenPort value).
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Unread 13th April, 2010, 06:41 AM
RaGeQuaKe RaGeQuaKe is offline
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OMG. OMG. DUDE. It worked! I tried switching ports before, to 70 and 90, but apparently Apache is friggin port-whore. I switched it to something FAR away - port 5680, and it worked! Thanks man! I had the right idea at one point, just didn't go though with it far enough....I am one happy little duck Now I can leave my little Mac mini monitor-less, and keyboard and mouse-less is the corner 24/7 in the corner.

Its really funny because, I considered by everyone to be good with computers, and I am, but when it comes to networking, I'm totally lost. I have been using comps since I was 5, and have been a PC gamer since, but I will never NEVER fully understand networking.

Once, again thanks!
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Unread 13th April, 2010, 09:20 AM
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No, that's not a "port whore" issue. Unix-derivatives (e.g. Linux and Mac OS X) don't allow non-root users to open TCP (webadmin) or UDP (game) ports below 1024.
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