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Unread 18th September, 2010, 08:05 AM
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Cool Admin Spoof to catch Dodgies...

A good tip for Admins in Particular and ut99 specifically is to alter your unreal-tournament shortcut like so;

Path to UT...\System\UnrealTournament.exe -pktlag=0
now when you wish to alias on your server .. then not only should you change your skin/voice-binds and name ...
but also netspeed (in cases of pure) as well as of course ping.

increase -pktlag=0 to -pktlag=5 and increase your ping by 10ms

now there's not much chance of anyone Clientside knowing who you are you Spy you...

if you're an avid aliaser (like Moire) then this will be invaluable to you;


Other goodies also from same site;

using Acorp you can have multiple player profiles with key-binds etc all setup independantly from each other via tools > user Manager

also has the ability to compress/decompress files and some.

*edit only downside to using Acorp Manager is that it skips your ut shortcut and does not appear to have a cmdline feature tsktsk..

therefore no -pktlag="" in this case well at least for now that is...

Good Luck!

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