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Unread 22nd November, 2002, 12:37 AM
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Default UTPure .. What Happens Next?

As some of you may have heard rumoured it is likely no new versions of UTPure will be released.

I heard the rumours as well and I read postings on the UT2003 admin mailing
list, unlike some on the list I asked the man himself, TNSe, what was going on
... makes for some interesting reading ....Firstly I asked TNSe why no more versions of Pure were being made.

The basics are someone has not truly hacked Pure but a function from within UT
which Pure used to CRC check itself.

Now this has been hacked its near-impossible to make Pure secure .. as the man
himself put it "I don't pick fights without the right tools"

So .. why can't a new version be made?

UT in its current form would require the anti-cheat to be more intensely coded,
meaning more Client CPU and Bandwidth usage ... not a place TNSe wants to go.

He states the only way for Pure to continue is for Epic to release a patch ...
which apparently is not going to happen.

It appears Epic are slowly pulling support from UT.

Look at NGStats, thats gone now.

What happened to the Epic funded Midnight Interactive? Gone .. moved to
privately paid for hosting.

Mark Rein was recently asked about the master servers .. his repsonse was "as
long as a decent amount of people play the game they will stay"

Now on the one hand you could think "great, we will still have master server
support", on the other you could think that it means they are thinking of
eventually pulling the support.

All this makes for very sad reading.

UT to some (including myself) is a game they want to continue playing and I
imagined it having a cult following ala Quake II.

With support being slowly pulled it appears this may not be so
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