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Unread 3rd December, 2002, 04:22 PM
DayenTech DayenTech is offline
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Yes, I know....I have read over the files for creating my own batch file to launch the server and everythig else too. Still I was wondering if I could just get a sample batch file and server ini files for a dedicated server with all the goodies to do everything. I would like to compair it to what I have so I can piece it all together. Would someone be willing to do this for me? Call me lazy, but I prefer just editing the files and making changes as needed. I am a QIII server admin but the Unreal server configs are UNREAL. Ugh Please please, if I could get the example server ini files and batch files with all the bells and Whistles including webadmin, for reference sake, I would greatly appreciate it. :withstupid: :notworthy: :thumbsup:

Thank you,
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Unread 3rd December, 2002, 06:51 PM
SnapsProvolone SnapsProvolone is offline
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Call me lazy

It's really better that you understand whats going on in your servers configuration. Having someone else send you a file will rarely work, and if it fails you wont know where to start fixing things.
Snaps Provolone [email address] #Original_Sin
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Unread 3rd December, 2002, 10:39 PM
d-mAn d-mAn is offline
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It's really easier than a q3 server once you figure out the nomenclature. I'm NOT going to give a sample .ini file because it's not necessary. The changes are so minimal until you get your webadmin working, there's no point. The .bat file you need to create follows below as well:

1. I'm going to assume that you have the game or at least the free server files, and that you have patched the game and that you have d/led and installed If you have not, install them IN THAT ORDER!... game.... patch... evolution.

2. Configure server.bat file (in UT/system folder) like this, as an example:
@echo off
ucc server DM-TokaraForest.ut2?game=xGame.xDeathmatch?AccessCont rol=XAdmin.AccessControlIni ini=UT2003.ini log=server.log
copy server.log servercrash.log
goto 10

With that, the game is going to be deathmatch running TokaraForest. If you were to click on your server.bat file with the values above, you have created a deathmatch game running and visible on the Internet.

3. To enable WebAdmin, which is the easiest way to get all the housekeeping things done to your server (name of server, fraglimit, map rotation, etc.) open UT2003.ini and make sure these THREE steps are taken: The first two, under [UWebAdmin] section I believe or a section similar to that, you need to change to this:
You might have to even add ListenPort value, I think it's absent in a default config.
The last step is in the [Engine.GameInfo] section, make sure AccessControlClass=XAdmin.AccessControlIni .

Now save that file and start your Server.bat again. Your server is running again AND WebAdmin is ready to work.

4. To administer WebAdmin:
Open up a browser window and type in: where x = your server ip
(In the tutorial, it says to also follow up with the port number of your server. This is not correct. With a single server running, it will hit a 404)

Once you hit enter after you type in your ip, a user/pass box will pop up. Type in Admin for both user and password (case sensitive!).
Boom, you should be in the webadmin now, and can now configure your server on the fly and restart your server.

5. Mutators
These are command line features or must be manually added into the ini files. I don't use these, so I can't help you much there. But I have helped you set up a basic server with webadmin support!
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Unread 4th December, 2002, 10:57 AM
DayenTech DayenTech is offline
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Posts: 34

Much appreciated.....

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Unread 26th January, 2012, 09:05 PM
MajorCarl MajorCarl is offline
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DMan, nice explanation , very good of you to post this here. I'm looking to add another admin to my setup and wonder if there's a simple way.
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Unread 26th January, 2012, 10:42 PM
Hermskii's Avatar
Hermskii Hermskii is offline
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I know some forums hate it when old post are brought back to the front of the line but I have never had a problem with it. This one is extra special because the original topic was just over 9 years old already and here it is again thanks to MajorCarl. Awesome!

I'll try to help. What do you mean by "another admin" exactly?

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