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Guide the ball around the course within the time limit in this classic maze puzzle game.
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Gyroball High Scores
# User Name Score Comment Time Length
Gyroball Champion!
No Comment
19:46, 15th Feb 2011 121 secs
2 b][rch.Co30  166 
No Comment
03:22, 7th Oct 2006 380 secs
3 -=Tunga=-  149 
No Comment
20:00, 14th Jul 2009 155 secs
4 wingzeroismine  82 
No Comment
06:56, 15th Aug 2007 158 secs
5 [NSK]BallBuster  76 
No Comment
18:24, 29th Dec 2006 107 secs
6 SkullKrusher  0 
No Comment
09:15, 12th Jun 2010 89 secs

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