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14th June, 2005, 10:11 PM
Over 50 Games can be configured and over 50 odd Mutators.
Clan Match and Warmup options also available with Game Setup options.
Extensive Admin options are now also available to configure each Game

Credits: ProAsm & Team - Socke,PoW,Imaginos,frogger,sh0V3L,hmishima,Mephisto,tuco,CvRoy,Nikki,De$tiNy
Homepage: http://unreal.co.za/proasm/
Download: http://www.unrealadmin.org/forums/showthread.php?t=6571 or http://www.unreal.co.za/files/mods/ut2vote51.zip
Tutorial: http://unreal.co.za/proasm/ut2vote2k4/utvreadme.html
Support Forum: http://forums.beyondunreal.com/forumdisplay.php?f=501

Changes from version 50:
Fixed the ChatIcons not showing after a Mutator vote.

Remove Mutator
Fixed voting for Remove Mutator

No Mutators
Fixed voting for NoMutators

Fixed voting for NoArenas

Link Arena
Fixed voting for Link Arena

Added a DoUplink auto detect function.
In many cases, especially LAN parties where the Admin sets
DoUplink=False UT2Vote kinda gets mixed up and tends to sometimes do
strange things.
UT2Vote will now detect this and temporary set bUseUniqueID=False.

Map Extensions
In several cases if an Admin added the .ut2 at the end of a mapname,
the server could go into convulsions causing chaos for some reason.
UT2Vote now will detect and map extensions and remove them.

InGame Admin
During a game voting will not be possible if the Admin is present.
NB...This is on a first come first serve basis so if the vote happened
before the Admin logged on, then the vote would stand.
On the otherhand, if the Admin logged on before voting commenced, then
voting will not be possible.
NB... This is ingame only and at GameEnd things will be as normal.

Clan Start Match
Fixed the problem where the ClanAdmin had to Close the Menu, then
re-open it before he could select the Start Match.

Assault Map Popup
Added back that the Map Menu will again popup during an Assault game.

Utextra14 also included as optional mutator. UTExtra is basically the
BrightSkins, NoWeaponShake and HitSounds that were removed from
UT2Vote for Whitelisting. Adding UTextra will remove your server from
the whitelist.
In case you did not use UTExtra provided with UT2Vote50 here some information:

UTExtra14 Fixes from 12/13
1.Ensures compatability with 3339+
2.Fixes issue with players being kicked from AntiTCC servers after
joining a utextra server