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13th August, 2012, 05:51 PM
BotChatCommand v1.00a
created by LedZepperus
[email protected]<hidden>

This mutator is for playing with bots, You can give them commands through TeamSay.
it's my first version so it might have some bugs (But I dont think so since it's very small) and it doesn't have some stuff i still want to add.

installation. (Very easy)
copy "BotChatCommand.u" and "BotChatCommand.int" to the "\UnrealTournament\System\" folder.

Click on mutators and add the BotChatCommand mutator into the active mutator list.
now start a practice session or a multiplayer game with bots (this mutator is useless if you dont have bots in your game).
Thats it!

here is how you use this mutator:

first you need the message to be sent in TeamSay, so you click on your binded key for TeamSay or you type TeamSay in the console.
Every command has to start with a slash: "/" so BotChatCommand will recognize it.
to give commands you need to state to who you give them, what command, optionally a target of the command and optionally for how long he will do it.

the first word should be to who, it can either be "all" to send it to everyone, the bot's name to send it to a specific bot, or "Bot" + bot number, if you dont know his name and just need some bot.
here are some examples of valid names: "/All" , "/Loque" , "/Kira" , "/bot1" , "/bot7"
(when you say "all" the target is sent to all the bots on your team)

here are the commands:

attack \
assault | All mean to attack, (or to take enemy flag in CTF games)
offence /

defend \
defendflag / Both mean to defend

point \
lead | All tell the bot to attack while supporting you
go /

cover \
follow | All tell the bot to cover a specified bot (requires a target)
help /

coverme \
followme | All tell the bot to cover you (doesn't require a target)
helpme /

campthere \
staythere | All tell the bot to hold his position
holdthere /

camphere \
stayhere | All tell the bot to hold your position
holdhere /

campat \
stayat | All tell the bot to hold at a specific place (requires a target)
holdat /

freelance \
stop | Engage according to operational parameters!
stopaction /

name \
botname / Has to come after "Bot#", tells you what the name of the bot is

some examples of orders: "/bot1 coverme" , "/Loque defend" , "/all attack" , "/Kira cover bot1" , "/bot3 campthere"

now, if you want to tell the bot carry out the order for a specific time, you add a "for" and then the number of seconds you want him to do it.
if you want him to do a specific order after his order time expires you simply add the new order. (in this version, the new command can't be "campat" or "cover" but it will be available in the next version)
if you dont specify a second order Freelance will be his new order
here are some examples:
"/all defend for 30 attack" here all the bots will defend the base for 30 seconds and then attack.
"/loque cover bot2 for 15" here Loque will cover bot number two (whoever would that be) for 15 seconds and then freelance.
"/bot1 campat place1 for 50 coverme" here bot1 will camp at "place1" (it will be explained in in a second) for 50 seconds and then cover you.
you cant write stuff like "/bot1 attack for 20 cover kira" because the second command "cover" (same with "campat")

if there is a strategic place you want to ocassionaly set bots to defend you can mark it with "here is" or "hereis"
in this version, it could only be named "place1" , "place2" or "place3".
"/here is place1" marks the place you are standing at as "place1"
"/all campat place1" all bots will hold at this place
"/loque campat place1 for 120 defend" loque will camp at "place1" for 2 minutes and then defend.
you cant write "/here is place4" or "/here is blablabla" since those are not valid names, they will be in the next version.

Thats it!
once you get to remember the commands (which is not hard to do since they have logical names) this mutator will become pretty handy when playing with bots!

if you find any bugs or have any comments drop me a line at [email protected]<hidden>
i hope my second version will come out soon.

Thanks for trying my mutator.
have a great fraggin time!