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22nd September, 2004, 10:52 AM
Lotus has released Unreal Tournament Competition Mod 1.4, you can download it here: http://ut2004.gameamp.com/modules/ut2004/file_uploads/utcompv14a_55.zip

Update: version 1.4a has been released.


Changelog from 1.3b:
- Major GUI modifications
- Fixed a rare server freeze bug
- Added more Assault, Last Man Standing and Invasion support.
- Added hud message during warmup
- Added on-connect information box
- Fixed coaches being able to see enemy team beacons and health
- Added option to only give weapons that are in the map played during warmup
- Improved warmup countdown
- Chat will now show with scoreboard up if stats are turned off
- Bots will now re-add themselves in net games after warmup

- Added preview window to skins/models GUI Page
- Brightskins types can now be changed separately for both teams, as well as defined clanskins
- Force Model can also be changed separately for both teams and clanskins
- Added regular DM skins as an option for bright skins
- Added unlimited clanskins definitions
- Clanskins now search through the entire name for the letters typed, instead of just the beginning
- Removed case sensitivity from clanskins
- Added option to match hud colors to brightskins settings

Colored Names:
- Added colored names saving and restoring

Team Overlay:
- Fixed Team Overlay settings not always updating instantly

- Added custom crosshairs system
- Added new crosshairs to the custom crossair system
- Added option to disable the automatic resizing of crosshairs after picking up items

- Server hitsounds mode now defaults to line of sight

- Added clikcable map list to voting system
- Separated Map Vote and Gametype Vote Pages
- Quick map restarts now stop automatic demo recordings
- Fixed quick map restarts not working in onslaught
- Added various game rules to the Gametype Vote Pages
- Added more game types (Assault, Double Domination, Bombing Run) to the default gametypes
- Fixed some short map names not working in voting
- Added VotingTimeLimit server side variable
- Added VotingPercentRequired server side variable

Auto Demo/SS:
- Server side demos with %p in the demo mask are now named properly.

- Added item pickup stats on scoreboard
- Added stats for vehicle damage and superweapons.
- Added options to turn stats on and off in the scoreboard.
- Fixed stats not working with instagib and custom weapon mutators

- Added serverside Static mutators to options for voting
- Added bShowTeamScoresInServerBrowser server side variable
- Added server side variable (WarmupReadyPercentRequired) to control % of players who need to ready up to start a game
- Fixed bugs with Spaceship vehicles in Assault
- Added ?BrightSkinsMode, ?HitSoundsMode, ?EnableOverlay, ?EnableWarmup and ?EnableDoubleDamage servertravel parameters
- Mutator name is now MutUTComp again, fixing filters. (All previous UTComp versions used this, but 1.3b accidentally didn't)

Changelog from 1.4 Beta3:

# Fixed bug with specs not always showing on scoreboard
# Added preview window to brightskins
# Separated Enemy/Teammate based skins and Enemy/Teammate based models
# Map list in voting now only shows maps for the current or selected gametype.
# Added serverside option to allow map votes on any map, regardless of current gametype.
# Fixed Team Overlay settings not always updating instantly
# Fixed double damage not always showing properly on team overlay
# Added hud message during warmup
# Fixed first red player's name not showing in server side auto demorec
# Fixed some vehicle and superweapon stats not being named properly
# Fixed serverside autodemorec when warmup is disabled
# Improved item pickup scoreboard stats

22nd September, 2004, 04:44 PM
Change the picture to "UT2004" ;)

22nd September, 2004, 08:21 PM
There's been an update; the latest version is 1.4a now.

27th September, 2004, 10:50 AM
Again an update, version 1.4b is released :)