View Full Version : SafeGame 101 Beta 4

16th November, 2004, 04:04 PM
Here is the latest SafeGame with full support for 3339.

New Features Since Beta 3:
Aimbot Monitor Configuration
Improved playability (hopefully)
Faster checks
Options to turn off writing messages to screen and to the console

Known Issues:
Alt+Tab sets off SafeGame's new anti-tamper coding. Looking to fix this soon, but the priority at the moment is to get a version out that supports 3339.

Features to be coded:
Netspeed Monitor (nearly made this version)
Nickname Monitor



Render Settings Checks
Looks for modifications to the Render device settings that may create an unfair advantage.

Settings Checks
Looks for critical setting modifications.

Blacklisted Class Checks
Checks to ensure that a client does not have any known cheat classes.

File Check
Looks for known files that can be used for cheating.

MD5 Check
Checks for package modifications. Supports all versions of UT2004

Package Check
Checks for illegal packages loaded on the client.

Package Integrity Check
An alternative for MD5, looks at statistics for a package. Supports all versions of UT2004

Class Modifcation Check
Checks for modified client classes. Supports all versions of UT2004

Skins Checks
Check all the default, CBP2 and ECE skin definitions to ensure there is no tampering.

Loaded Class Check
Ensures that the client has no unknown classes loaded.


FOV Monitor
Ensures that the FOV is set within an acceptable range at all times.

Aimbot Monitor
Attempts to detect aimbot activity on the client.


Console Command Blocker
Disables certain console commands that may give an unfair advantage to the player.

Player ID Database
Keeps a record of all the player that have played on your server.

Beta5 Due Tonight!