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Dr.Flay 25th October, 2011 03:14 PM

Unreal Tournament SDK
I have been playing with the new Community SDK for UT. There seems to be a clash with Enhanced Items.
Maps load but when I press fire to start, UT dies.
I have made a posting on the SDK forum, but think it would be useful to see if you are aware of the new SDK for the old UT.
I submitted a couple of log files for Shadow (The Dev.) to look at, but I think it will need your input.

:thumbup: This time I' sober and I've posted in the right area!

Wormbo 25th October, 2011 03:56 PM

Considering I don't do UT modding anymore and certainly won't update Enhanced Items, the only thing I could possibly do here is give advice.
In this particular case, I think "Actor->Role==ROLE_Authority" is a check in the Spawn() function that could be triggered by an actor class with Role=ROLE_<something other than Authority> in its class defaults. I believe that check already existed in the original UT, so it must be some other class setting default.Role at runtime. No idea why anyone would do that, but I'm quite sure I didn't do it in Enhanced Items.

Dr.Flay 25th October, 2011 08:49 PM

I figured you wouldn't be still working on your old UT mods, so your advice is more than I could have hoped for. :thumbup:

:D I wouldn't be bothered, but I think Enhanced Items was an important step forward, and with Xpickups makes the old UT look much more modern, so has become one of the mutators I always have running in every game.

Hopefully between me banging my head against it and with feedback from the UT community a solution or work-around can be made.

I thought there was a clash with the overlayer system (from looking at the logs), but apparently the SDK does not change the overlays.

Somehow maps I have been working on (adding animals) seem to work with the new SDK and Enhanced Items.
I have Enhanced Items and Xpickups in the editor package list, so something could have been added to the edited maps. (I could just load and save all my maps!)

If you do get the urge to play the old UT, try it with the newer funky updated renderers, Hi-Res texture packs, and Bloom with depth of field (even UT2K4 doesn't have that!)

I am no coder or developer, I'm just using the new SDK from the point of view of an end-user to test for stability.
If it becomes a "standard" addon to the Unreal1 engine, I'd like to know that your mod (that compliments what the SDK does for UT) will still work in the future.
If you could give Shadow (on the forum) any of your insight into how the Enhanced Items changes UT in any way, it would be most helpful.
Possibly a lot of what your mod gives UT, could be built into the next SDK.

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