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This is from the package

READ ME S3TCTextureFix.txt
************************************************** *****Important************************************ ***********************

Print this out!!!

If this displays as super-long sentences, select "Format" from the File menu above and click on "Word Wrap".
Read this entire document first, (especially this top part marked Important).
Use this at your own risk but be confident that I have a easy work around in the event of failure!
This works best using a new installation of UT that has been patched up to UT patch version 436 and has UT Bonus Packs 1, 3 and 4 installed. "DO NOT" install Bonus Pack 2.
This document explains how to "SUCCESSFULLY" use the S3TC High Resolution Textures that originally came on UT CD #2 but have been fixed, updated, reworked and improved by "DieHard".
These instructions are for "Player" installations "ONLY" and are "ABSOLUTELY NOT" for use on "Servers"!
This is only for use with the specific OpenGL Renderer mentioned below though later versions of it will likely work.
You must follow these directions "EXACTLY" or they won't work! Don't try to take any shortcuts!
Some Anti-Cheat programs may not allow you to connect to their server if you use S3TC textures though I have not ever experienced this with any of them!
Server Admins "ARE NOT" supposed to install the textures from here ever. If they did install these on the server you connect to, this won't work! It has been mentioned also that some people used the Dedicated Server Installation from EPIC which uses a whole different set of "lite" textures. I have not seen a problem yet but you may encounter issues when connected to these types of servers that were built using Epic's free Dedicated Server Installation package.

************************************************** *****Important************************************ ***********************

I have listed "2" versions of directions here. The version you will need to use will depend on your current UT installation status. Use the version that "BEST" matches your current UT installation.

*****Version #1 Description***** is as follows:

You have an existing installation of UT and it has the UT 436 patch and UT Bonus Packs 1, 3 and 4 installed already but you have not installed the S3TC (High Resolution) textures from this or any other instruction set and you want to use the S3TC (High Resolution) textures. If so, skip to the section marked " *****Version #1 Description*****:" and follow the directions.

*****Version #2 Description***** is as follows:

You have already installed UT with the UT 436 Patch and Bonus Packs 1, 3 and 4 "AND" you "HAVE ALSO" already installed the S3TC (High Resolution) textures from UT CD #2 or from somewhere else and are now needing to fix the sliding player/bot issue (players look like they are sliding on ice, and not running at all) you see when you play online. Start with these steps first:

NOTE: If this Version #2 Desription doesn't work for you then you will most likely need to reinstall UT from the ground up then follow Version 1 because if it failed, the reason would likely be that you have corrupted files in your current UT installation.

1. Insert your UT CD #1 and select cancel if it tries to autolaunch or install.
2. Open UT CD #1 and copy the folder called "Textures" over your current copy of the Textures folder in your C:\UnrealTournament folder.
3. Now follow all of the directions for "*****Version #1 Description*****:" below.

Ready? Let's do this!!!
*****Version #1 Description*****:

1. Make sure that your UT installation is at least patched up to the UT 436 patch and has Bonus Packs 1, 3 and 4 installed. This is all included in the folder "UT Update" if you need it.

2. Make a copy of your UnrealTournament\Textures folder naming it "Textures Back-Up". Do not touch this back up copy again unless you need to restore your installation to your original configuration in the event this upgrade does not meet with your approval.

3. Next, install the textures from "Folder 1" in the zip file. Overwrite the ones you have in your C:\UnrealTournament\Textures folder with the ones in Folder 1.

4. Delete the following 5 files from your C:\UnrealTournament\Textures folder:


(Don't worry! These files are in folder 2 and we will be reinstalling them in just a moment.)

5. Install the S3TCTextureFix patch (called s3fix.exe) from the zip. Place it in your C:\UnrealTournament\Textures folder. Double click it to execute it. *Wait* for it to finish and close itself.

6. Copy the contents of Folder 2 into your C:\UnrealTournament\Textures folder.

7. Configure UT to use the specific OpenGL renderer mentioned above as your renderer. If you currently use OpenGL, do these steps anyways to make sure this works for you.

8. Go to your UnrealTournament\System folder. Rename the file called OpenGLDrv.dll to OpenGLDrvOriginal.dll

9. Copy the OpenGLDrv.dll file that has been provided in this download to your UnrealTournament\System folder.

10. Start the game and from the UT Desktop select "Options" then "Preferences"

11. On the Video tab, select the Video Driver "Change" button. A “Change Video Driver” option window will open. Select “Yes”

12. The “Unreal Tournament Video Configuration” window will open. Note your what your current renderer is. Click the radius for “Show all devices”

13. Select “OpenGL Support” so that it is highlighted in blue.

14. Select “Next”. Select “Next” again. Select “Run" You are now using the OpenGL renderer but you still need to enable the S3TC functionality:

15. Start a practice session round of UT then press the tilde key (~) and then type PREFERENCES.

16. On the menu that opens select "Rendering" and then "OpenGL Support". Now find the line that says "USES3TC = False" and change it to "True" and then close everything.

17. Restart the game. Try out the new textures by connecting to a multiplayer game on line. If everyone is moving around properly then you are successful!

================================================== ========
================================================== ========
If you see what looks like frozen ice skating players moving around then this did not work for you. You need to go back to your original configuration by doing the following:

1. Copy the contents of your "Textures Back-Up" folder right into your current Textures folder.
2. Start the game and from the UT Desktop select "Options"
3. Select "Preferences"
4. On the Video tab, select the Video Driver "Change" button.
5. A “Change Video Driver” option window will open. Select “Yes”
6. The “Unreal Tournament Video Configuration” window will open.
7. Select “D3D” or whatever your original renderer was so that it is highlighted in blue.
8. Select “Next”
9. Select “Next” again.
10. Select “Run" and that will almost restore you back to your original configration. Exit the game.

Go back into your UnrealTournament\System folder and delete the file named OpenGLDrv.dll and then rename the file OpenGLDrvOriginal.dll back to OpenGLDrv.dll and you will be back to your original configuration once you reboot one last time.

================================================== ================================================== =======================

Hopefully, this worked for you and now you are enjoying Diehard's S3TC (High Resolution) textures with possibly a crisper, more colorful and higher frame-rate video display. You may also notice if you use Windows XP that now the music doesn't keep playing when you exit the game as it may have if you were using D3D as your renderer.

Please send questions or comments to me at:

[email address] or [email address]


visit my Forum at and post your comment there.

All files belong to their respective creators. This compilation is only to make installation easier, and no ownership of the files is implied or intended. This zip file may NOT be posted on other websites. If you have found this compilation somewhere other than or please notify Hermskii. PEACE!
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