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Unread 27th February, 2012, 11:49 PM
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I'm getting some emails and PM's so let me put a few things in order:

I do appreciate you setting the record straight Dane. That was important to me, thank you.

My disagreement with Meat was really not that big a deal. I have broadcasted my plans to close all UT my support for a little while so that was as good as any time to clean the house. There was nothing against you Lety, it's just that non-dev's have no idea how much time it takes to answer and help. It got to be too much and I stopped enjoying it.

I have closed all UT stuff that I run and I will not be renewing it. I'm full time in Source coding now and enjoying every minute of it. Admins you may lock this account at your convenience.

Oh, and Skillz: of course I deleted your downloads. Dumbass, you shouldn't have left the access open to me It sure was fun arguing about it though, wasn't it? I thought it was a stroke of genius stopping at just the downloads. It added so much plausible deniability and gave me an excuse to say you faked the logs. I will say this about Skillz: I've never seen him be dishonest. Good luck Leroy, you are a nice enough dude. I hope life goes well for you. I apologize for the personal remarks I made to you. That was uncool stuff from me.

And to the rest....good luck. You're gonna need it from what I've seen with UTP.

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