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Default You where all right 98% of the time, the rest you must account for yourself

This post is not an excuse, it's an attempt on an explanation. Please read it if you know me, if not please stop reading and surf other parts of this forum :-)

I have been a liar to most of you throughout the years, not many who have come across me have had an honest version of who I was, only a very few did. I will not go into details about the why, but I can say that recently I have been diagnosed with something that could very well explain why I did what I did, what made me do it. I want to express my inner most apology to those I have hurt over the years, well knowing that words don't quite make up for it, but that's all I can offer at the moment.

Now, the things that have been said about me from others pretending to know me and the ins and outs, these things I can only distance and let them themselves account for it, there have been quite many stories, some completely made up in fiction (I can understand why, I realy can!), and some which where partly true and partly false. I'm not interesting in any kind of debate about all this here in public, this is my apology to those I've hurt, and that's a lot! But it's not a debate from my side, it's a statement! I'm ill, mentaly ill, and word fights are no longer a part of my life (i sincerely hope!).

If you feel you need to post here I'd like you to please considder mailing me instead, I will answer any mail that is not just a burp as honest as i possibly can. Those I've hurt also have my contact mail address, that's why I'll not post it here, if you don't have it, then it's because you haven't worked with me and I've proberly insultet you in some random forum? In that case you'll just have to get over it

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