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Default [UT2004/maybe also UT2003] Something against "Rend Collision"

Fake "radar echos" for UT2004
Copyright (c) 2006 by Wormbo

Comments in Wormbo's Area, please

These shouldn't hurt framerate much, unless the player has Rend Collision
enabled, which would cause a lot of collision cylinders to be drawn, which
in turn kills the framerate and obstructs the view.

Add this class to the ServerActors list in the [Engine.GameEngine] section of
the server's INI file, e.g.:

ServerActors=RendCollision_is_useless_you_have_bee n_warned.FakeRadarEchos

The class will automatically add itself to the ServerPackages list if the
engine version is greater than 3200. Earlier versions also require a
ServerPackages entry like so:

ServerPackages=RendCollision_is_useless_you_have_b een_warned

The precompiled version of this class might even work on UT2003, but you will
have to comment out "AddToPackageMap();" in order to compile it on UT2003 or
other UnrealEngine games.

Feel free to use this code for whatever you want and however you want.
Feel free to rename, copy, delete or yell at this package, but don't claim
anyone else than me created it.
I'm not responsible for any physical, mental or other damage caused by this
code or anything derived from or otherwise associated with it.
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