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Unread 5th August, 2004, 02:14 PM
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Unhappy All new to me

Have had server running for a week now so it's all new to me,,any tip's or bone's tossed my way would be all gravy.


Hey, how you doing?

my buddy want's to know how to make a web page to help him run his server in Linux. There is a program called serverdoc designed for windows Servers, but he would like one that would do the same thing in Linux. Here's what he needs...

1: A Page that when accessed will ask for your login name, and password.
2: Take that login info, incorporate it to two buttons one would be a start
button, and the other a stop button. These buttons will start and stop the
Server in the users home directory, using his own name for process ownership

PLEASE if some has the time to make or help make this i'll give up my next new born child

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