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Default 3spnv3210 serverlink

taking a long shot here, but i was wondering if anyone here understands how to set up the server link function for 3spnv3210. This is part of the 3spn that tracks stats on players in the server. Back when combo whore was around they hosted my servers stats, however i assume in order for these stats to b kept a database was needed, and yet there is no part of the 3spn ini that tells it to connect to a certain database. It asks for the username, password, port and address but not a specific database name and that is throwing me. I have a website and i have a database i can use for this and it is connected to my server, however the stats are not showing. In the cmd prompt that is the server booted it does say the information to the database is approved and such, so no errors, it just seems to me that i cant point to a database for the information to be stored. Like i said we were using combo whore b4 and all they had for a path was an ip address, so no specifying a database, so i am stumped. Is my issue simply i need more ppl in the server (i had 1 match with 1 real person and the rest with bots, i nvr knew how many ppl it took for stats such as ppr to start saving to the database) or is there something im missing in the setup? Hoping someone from CW, SoL or HoC uses these forums.
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