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Originally Posted by grep
Since Mase refers to 'downloading from the server' I'm assuming he's talking about the pure files in your local cache directory.
Easiest way to clear this is to delete all files in <UT INSTALL DIR>\Cache\ (watch out: this may prevent demos you made from playing, so make a copy of this directory, so you can restore it later!!!).
Other method is to use a program like UT Cachecleaner to delete specific files, or browse the cache.ini file in your cache directory to see which files you have to delete (you are looking for the UTPureRC*.* files).
Also check your <UT INSTALL DIR>\System\ directory. There might also be some UTPureRC*.* files there. Move or delete them, then try again.

Cheers for the help Grep, Sorry its taken so long to reply bit new to this forum stuff and it took me a wile to figure out there was another page .

AnyHOO tried deleting all cache files in UT folders this did'nt help so still stuck with the issue. Thanx for trying though.
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