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Unread 14th September, 2004, 12:46 AM
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We are having a debate on our server forums that I frankly don't know the answer to....maybe someone here can educate me. One of the admins is wondering if a false positive could be a program like a Logitech mouse software program that he has macros programmed in to perform certain things in UT. I remember always envying Lathathiel's awesome abilities at programming his mouse buttons and I hadn't even thought of this as a possible source of false positives.

Immediately, another admin piped up and said, "The server log will show what files and addresses the hook is linked to. If they match the address for a helios version, then it's not some other program setting it off. I also don't think it can be a false positive."

Interesting comment and could he be right? Can someone explain the underlying theory of the "addresses" mentioned and how they could or could not create a false positive or are false positives truly impossible?

Thanks Skillz, btw...pop up the Task Manager on your server and repeat my experiment, I'm curious how other server configurations perform. And what do you have your settings at...if you will say.


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