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Default Trigger bot detection

Hello wormbo!

I hope you are doing well.

I recently came back to this community and I'm very saddened by the amount of people using trigger bots. Some are amazingly obvious, some aren't. Either way, it really hurts the fun suspecting your opponents of cheating.

I thought about this for a while, and figured that trigger bots which hack into memory probably just read all the xPawns in the game. Wouldn't it be possible to make a mutator that adds static, "fake" xPawns? These xPawns could be invisible to other players, but "seen" by the cheat, thus triggering it to fire. If each player had an invisible, scaled up xPawn attached to them, this would cause the trigger bot to fire even though the crosshair is not on top of an opponent - rendering the cheat useless.

Also, another thing I've been thinking about is simply making a mutator that checks whenever a trigger bot sends a mouse down event (aka each time exec StartFire is run), there would be some logic running to see:

1. Has the user a lightning gun or shock rifle equipped
2. Has the user clicked the mouse button a suspiciously large amount of times? There's no reason (or even easy) to press the button 10 times in less than a second. If a user does this at several occasions, a message could be sent to the server and the player kicked.

Please let me know what you think about these ideas, and if you'd be willing to help me implement any of them.

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