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Unread 8th November, 2004, 09:54 PM
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Demo summary auto-generated by Unreal Tournament Demo Manager 3.0 BETA
Available at

se_vs_nl_dreary_toffe.dem Information:
Map name: ctf-dreary.unr
Demo Type: Client-Side
180200 frames
PlayTime: 25:58 (min:seconds)
Avg. FPS: 115.646492
Cheat Protection: UTPureRC7D.U (cached as 'D2554EC343EA1799D66EC7BA4860C013.uxx')

File Requirements:
-Bonus Pack 1
-Bonus Pack 4
MODOSUtilsV23 (cached as 'EC1EE8E011D6889D4544EBB100005453.uxx') -size: 74024 bytes
UTPureRC7D (cached as 'D2554EC343EA1799D66EC7BA4860C013.uxx') -size: 373817 bytes
ZPPure7D (cached as '67FFA55240EFA417CB6D4A8EB9439729.uxx') -size: 46897 bytes
There it is.....
I don´t know how to check if it´s renamed...
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