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Originally Posted by admin View Post
In sniper CTF FeignDeath not work for drop the flag .... is it configurable ?
What do you mean? This mod doesn't affect feigndeath nor the flag drops at all...

Originally Posted by maggi View Post
i think i must spend a time to understand all configurable things in the ini, for example i cant stop telefrag.
I am doing a document with all these things cleared up for both server admins and developers.

In the meanwhile, if I understood correctly, you want to disable telefragging from the razored translocator?
If that's so, that setting is in the Mod menu > Nali Weapons 3 Gameplay Settings > Weapons > R.T. (settings) > then look for the telefrag checkboxes.

Or you can go directly to the NWeaponsCfg.ini, in the [NWRTV3.RT] and find these settings:
And turn them to false.

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