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Thanks iloveut99, and yeah, that's why you guys may see NWClientExit| on some keybinds, is to ensure that whatever way you exit the game, I can restore your render ZRangeHack property to what it was initially so you don't see any differences when playing with NW3 or anything else.

Probably is a bit intrusive, but almost all admins use mods that write tons of keybinds to the user.ini anyway, but I am going to put this in the FAQ later, but it shouldn't affect any keybinds functions themselves at all, it just makes the user.ini to have a few extra bindings to ensure that the mod works fine visually everywhere.

If you want to disable the writing of those bindings, you can always go to Nali Weapons 3 Client Settings (in the Mod menu) and in the Weapons tab, there's the "Z-Buffer Manager" setting (or something similar, not sure anymore) and you can set it to none, but then the glow effects on the weapons and a few other things may not work as desirable graphically.

On a side note, I am going to re-release the pack in the next few weeks due to a few bugs and I will take the advantage of this to include the full docs in it as well some bonus content (not weapons, just mutators and extra settings, probably new modifiers although it's not guaranteed).

So if you have any bugs to report or settings you wanted to see there or anything essential you think I should add to the docs (besides how to setup a NW3 server, summon commands, ini settings, automatic keybindings and the like, since obviously those are going to be there), please do so since the next release may as well be the last and final one relative the main mod (bonus packs may come later, but I don't want to re-release the entire pack more than once).

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