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Originally Posted by adminthis View Post
I'd be thrilled to see the code for this. Changing a player's location shouldn't be too hard, but you must keep in mind not to spawn the player outside the map or in a deathzone (lava etc.).
This first version doesn't contain anything fancy like that as the problem has been solved in another way.

However, it shouldn't be too difficult to use trace to check if there are dangerous zones in the spot where a player is being moved. A dud actor with the same dimensions as a player can be used to test if it's possible to spawn at a given location.

It will be a bit more complex but I can give this a try.

Originally Posted by SixtSense View Post
i see no use for this mod
just some admin fun maybe or use with ctf to spawn in there base but thats called laming and cheating
Have you never felt like dropping a player in slime/lava because they're acting silly ? That can be done too .
How to feck up a perfectly good game:
UT (1999) = UnbelievableGameSoCoolIMustHelpBringNewPlayers Tournament
UT (2008) = Unreal ThrustMyPrivatePartsInYourFaceBish

And that's probably why UTIII was a relative flop. New game, same sh*thead players ^^.

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