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Default [Tool] Unreal Dependencies (UnrealDeps)

The main purpose of the tool is to easily list the files required by an unreal package (like a map), check which files are missing and allow the downloading from a (redirect) server.
The feature list:
  • View dependencies of unreal packages
  • Check which files are missing
  • Download the missing files from redirect servers
  • Copy all required files to one central directory to allow easy publishing of e.g. a map
  • Compress/Decompress uz, uz2 and uz3 files (standalone, no local installation of any game required; uz compression is around 30 times faster than UT99's ucc.exe)

Windows and .NET Framework 3.5

Supported games:
I don't really know... I am pretty sure that most games up to UT2004 are supported; I only tested UT2004 and UT99, though.

I began writing the tool because I wanted to get to know C# and the general .NET environment, i.e. not because I required such a tool in the first place.
I hope, though, that it might be of some use to anyone.

Credits: Thanks to Eliot for testing and his UnrealLibrary
Contact: This forum

Latest version: 0.1.1 (regard it as a beta, I haven't tested everything thoroughly and only 2 games)
Its MD5-hash: e4470d6329d013f2f7e5180156b19a07

Edit: I appended the source-code for the uzLib (uz1, uz2 and uz3 algorithms).

Edit 20.4.11: Appended version 0.1.1 which fixes a bug where instead of the ".uz" extension ".uz_ut99" or ".uz_5678" is used (e.g. in the download-feature).
Attached Files
File Type: zip UnrealDeps (1.24 MB, 854 views)
File Type: zip uzLib v0.1.0 (108.9 KB, 404 views)
Unreal Dependencies: UnrealDeps (Updated: 20.04.11)
Check dependencies of unreal packages; uz, uz2, uz3 standalone compression/decompression

A multifunctional UT2004 mutator: Clan Manager 1h 6T (Updated 04.07.09)
(Clanmember-/Admin-enter-messages, Clantag-Protection, Clanchat, Player-Logging, AFK-Detector, WhoIs, "second" private server to keep non-clanmembers out and much more.) Source included.

Check client screenshots for cheats (an UT2004-Mutator): Screenshot Sender (Updated: 27.11.08)

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