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Default [News] New AnthChecker builds 01/08/2007

I've uploaded new builds for AC v1.37 and v1.38. Main reason is that I've finally fixed the bug that caused HTTP updater problems (HTTP updates were received correctly but not used during the actual checks).

As always, you can just replace the AnthCheckerS file by the one in the zipfile. Clients won't notice any difference.

I didn't get the chance to do much testing so let me know if anything is not working as intended.

v1.37 Build 4 can be found in this thread:

v1.38 Build 8 can be found in this thread:


In other news:
* UTDCv20b has been whitelisted. Servers with a very fast connection will allow clients with v2.0b active.
* AC v1.39 will be the final version
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