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Default [Release] ServerCrashFix v1.0

ServerCrashFix is a mod that will protect your server against servercrash/DoS
exploits that were released after the latest UTPG patch (v451).

In particular it will protect you against these exploits:
* Malformed String Exploits
* Fake Player DoS
* Malformed Join Request DoS

Whenever a player attempts to crash the server, ServerCrashFix will temporarily
blacklist the player's ip so all further requests from that IP will be ignored
until the end of the map.

ServerCrashFix replaces the earlier patches implemented in AnthChecker v1.38.
When ServerCrashFix is installed on a server with AC v1.38, it will disable AC's
patches and use it's own.

ServerCrashFix works on both Linux servers and Windows servers although some
Linux admins might have to update their server's file with the one
included in the LinuxFix folder of this package.
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