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Originally Posted by GTi View Post

When you install the new UTDC and you join a server with AnthChecker you get kicked o/

ANTHCHECKER doesn't recognize new UTDC and compares with the old (or something in those lines).
packages stay loaded when you move from one server to the next, this guy went on a server running UTDCPlusv13e and then on a server that wasnt running it, but because it was still loaded, Anthchecker kicked him for it.

clients should restart UT when they change servers

Originally Posted by qwerty View Post
Should I even bother running Anthchecker anymore? thanks again for your responses.
It just kicked someone that had a .dll loaded that shouldnt be loaded, this time it was a legit file, other times it wont be.

whether you want to run it or not is up to you, but to me it did its job
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