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I appended the source-code for the uzLib in the first post.
It contains the implementation of the uz1 (C++), uz2 and uz3 (C++/CLI) algorithms (compression/decompression).
As I weren't able to find an uz3 and full uz1 implementation on the web, it might be of some use to anyone.
Unreal Dependencies: UnrealDeps (Updated: 20.04.11)
Check dependencies of unreal packages; uz, uz2, uz3 standalone compression/decompression

A multifunctional UT2004 mutator: Clan Manager 1h 6T (Updated 04.07.09)
(Clanmember-/Admin-enter-messages, Clantag-Protection, Clanchat, Player-Logging, AFK-Detector, WhoIs, "second" private server to keep non-clanmembers out and much more.) Source included.

Check client screenshots for cheats (an UT2004-Mutator): Screenshot Sender (Updated: 27.11.08)
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