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Default UT3 Patch 1 (beta 2) information

Steven Polge gave a heads up on the 2nd beta of the first patch for UT3. The following things will be fixed (compared to beta 1):
  • filter settings are now saved to the .ini file.
  • fixed UTUIComboBox's editbox and list getting out of sync (editbox text could end up not matching the list's selected item)
  • fixed changing gametype via combobox on server browser tab causing filter settings to be clobbered
  • changed default value for "Pure Server" and "Locked Server" filter options to be more lenient (show more servers by default)
  • Fixed ping values shown in scoreboard
  • Don't show ping for bots
  • Fixed Miplevel spam when applying patch to dedicated server build.
  • Fixed dedicated server getting removed from the master server list if the first player to join fails authentication.
  • Bringing up the midgame menu now pauses demo playback.
  • Players now stop moving if they fire the Redeemer altfire.
  • Fixed joining a passworded server via the server history tab not prompting
    for the password.
  • Fixed viper and scorpion self destruct death strings.
  • Fixed when the player tries to cancel a "Delete Demo" the demo still gets
  • Fixed HTTP redirection
  • Fixed download cache clobbering files that had just been written in some cases
  • Increased default download cache size
  • Fixed FOV option when patching old .ini's
  • Fixed crash when exiting the editor.
  • Smaller/simpler simple crosshair.
  • Added the ability to delete saved messages
  • Implemented DUEL match stat reporting for gamespy ladder.
  • Fixed an exploit in CTF-OmicronDawn that allowed players to get outside the world.
  • Fix for hole in WAR-Islander where players could get stuck
  • Fixed orb rebuilding not being played correctly on clients if the orb was
    destroyed by an enemy player.
  • Fixed flickering when downloading files.
  • Don't reduce tickrate when travelling with no players - fixes server hanging for long durations on EnvyEntry.
  • Fixed custom characters not working correctly when playing back demos
  • Added the ability to specify custom simple crosshair coordinates for weapons, with new config properties bUseCustomCoordinates and CustomCrosshairCoordinates.
    To change the crosshair used for all weapons, add the
    following lines to the [utweapon] section of the UTWeapon.ini file:
    CustomCrosshairCoordinates=(U=276,V=84,UL=22,VL=25 )
    where the customcrosshaircoordinates have U and V as the offsets into the crosshair texture (UI_HUD.HUD.UTCrosshairs), and UL and VL specify the size of the texture area to use. To use a different crosshair for a specific weapon, simply add those two lines to the appropriate weapon specific section in UTWeapon.ini.

Note: HTTP redirection will be fixed, but compression will not be supported until the 2nd patch.
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