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Sorry dude.. hmm re: nw3 plus zp (other version).. i don't think you can combine them ss the nw3 version has its own custom zp integrated. Also more secure then normal zp. As for weapon adjustments firing rates and etc.. most of these things are configured through the .ini file.

You can also do things like have weapons lockers for multiple weps to replace only selected weapons.. ie: you can set it up to only replace the deemer with a variety of weapons from the nw3 pack.

In order to get these to work with globalunreal newnet.. you will need to disable the view shake like i done with comboshock/gore mod.

Hope this helps.. have been busy of late. I think ferali released a new readme with info about what you were asking over at ..

If you ask questions re:nw3 there instead of here you are more likely to get a quick response.

This place is mainly for security related stuff and more technical/server related threads. for things like this and monsters/mapping and other quirky things.
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