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Unread 7th August, 2012, 12:07 PM
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Post Check Point for Xlocers

Hey I wanted someone who can help set up something for me.

In this case, it is called CheckPoint.

CheckPoint are mostly known in Bunny Track games. Being able to select a spot as a respawn point after dying. This is pretty useful to have practice. In my situation, it won't be used for Bunny Track. I'll explain my idea.

Beginner idea:
This will be mostly used for Translocating maps (Xloc maps). This will not have any CTF.

+Check points will be shortened to !cp (in other hand, mutate !cp) to check point.
+To remove cp, must have !nocp to remove the cp.
+Must be able to cp on solid surface. No moving object, water, lava, slime or air.
+No timer needed.
+Antiboost. No boosting.
+A little HUD to show CP is turned on, if !nocp = HUD disappear.

This should be able to be easy to those trying to learn to xloc and get better at it. Myself, I find it is a useful tool.

Easily, if it give any additional help, you can get a few code from already written CP for BT.

Where this will be used?
I'll be making a Xloc server with many maps. Cp would be nice to be made as a mutator (I believe).

Future request:
I will be adding Flags to the map to desired location. This would be similar to Bunny Track. This is for practicing fast xlocers to enjoy for fun sport. But this will be a bit different mutator than this CP for xloc only.

Thanks for reading! I really hope to hear some reply. Maybe Sp0ngeb0b could to this?
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