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Unread 20th April, 2007, 07:41 PM
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Default Pure Logs

hi all,

im running pure rc7g on my two servers it runs fine and all but where do i retrieve its logs from i have read alot of read mes and no mention of where they are kept...i dunno but im sick of reading and looking to find an easier way please help!!!
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Unread 20th April, 2007, 08:20 PM
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Usually they're in the UnrealTournament.log unless you've instructed UT to use another ini on startup.
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Unread 21st April, 2007, 09:27 AM
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These are the things to look for in utpure
had an impurity (HA - Bloody not good (Pure messed up??))
had an impurity (MS - Illegal Variable Change!)
had an impurity (TD - Bad TimeDilation!)
had an impurity (MT Failed INTlog!)
had an impurity (BL - Bad Lighting!)
had an impurity (ZD - Noshadow TCCs!)
had an impurity (MT Failed Packagelog!)

BC - Usually elfbot. Might also happen if a player minimizes UT.

IC/AC/AV/TB - Can often happen when a player has much PL. It's originally intended to stopp hacking. It also seems like this can happen when people Minimize UT. Basically, don't take this one too seriously, it's there to kick people out if they try to hack Pure.

TF - Heavy Packetloss can cause this. Usually happens during connect.

SM/RM - Someone is definately trying to do something they should not be doing. Cheat.

HR/FM - This should not occur Normally. Harmless mods may cause it. Cheats may cause it. It will atleast prevents cheaters from cheating this way.

FT - This one has changed a lot from 5x->53. Basically, it might happen during pause (5y), when minimizing (5y,5z,51). Should not be happening anymore under 53. It is there to prevent cheats.

CR - This means that Pure isn't properly installed on client. He should try to manually install Pure (Place all pure files in utsystem from the original zip file).

SK - This means that the client had abnormal spam. Usually this is caused by a "serverkiller", but MAY be caused by a client who is VERY active with spamming taunts. (Basically he'd be better off being flooded off IRC than playing UT)

FWx - This code is followed by a Number and then one of the above codes. May be caused by packetloss.

OC - Incorrect packages.

OB - Failed Package Check.

NC - Excessive Netspeed Changes.
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