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Unread 3rd August, 2013, 07:55 PM
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Default SmartDM104 Public Release

SmartDM - For UnrealTournament - Released August 2013

Name: SmartDM
Version: 1.0.4
Description: Detailed Scoreboards for Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch
Authors: The_Cowboy / ProAsm
Technical: SmartDM.pdf included

Changes and Fixes in SmartDM104

1. Expanded viewable player displays.
This has been greatly increased and is screen resolution dependant.

2. Added a Team Game Scoreboard.
A basic TDM Scoreboard has been add to SmartDM.

3. Optional TDM headings.
Custom Team Game Headings can be added.

4. Added a client menu.
Mutate SmartDM Menu
A direct means for clients to configure their scoreboards.

5. Added Bot icons.
These icons make for easier identification of Bots.

6. Skull icon.
If a player is dead a small skull icon will display below the face.

7. Pickup Items.
These have been highlighted to enhance identification.

8. Game Options.
Options to change Game Names and color in Scoreboard.
GameInfo[0]=(bEnabled=True,GameClass="Botpack.DeathMatchPlus",GameName="Killer Deathmatch",Color="R=255,G=255,B=0")
Client Side options
NB: These options are in the client menu Mutate SmartDM Menu

Whether the scoreboard should be totally transparent or have a shaded background.

True will remove Pickups and Multikills thus allowing more players to be displayed.

True will show DeahMatch players inline, for 12 players, 1 to 6 on left and 7 to 12 on the right.

If True in a TeamGame, the Red Team / Blue Team heading will alter.

True will show Tick Rate and Frame Rate (FPS) will be displayed at bottom right of scoreboard.

If True the players crosshair will be displayed while viewing the scoreboard.

In the menu is an option to set a keybind for Mutate SmartDM Menu

Add SmartDM104.u and SmartDMScoreboard104.u to your UTServer/System folder.
Open your Server.ini file and add under:


Add to the command line: ?Mutators=SmartDM104.SmartDM

A special thanks to The_Cowboy for allowing us to modify this excellent mod.
Also to Wises for all the inputs and testing.

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