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Unread 25th December, 2017, 04:02 PM
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Default StuffSwapper Hacks?

Hey, im hoping some of you may know of some cheats i can conduct with the StuffSwapper mutator.

In Particular, i've got the whole random weapons thing figured out for the pickups section which would allow me to put more pickups into play but im hoping to somehow cram more weapons into the 'Starting' weapons inventory (or otherwise said as the weapons you are given once you start a game) than the 8-10 that i know you can put into your settings (if you fill in the Enforcer/impacthammer slots as well as the remaining 8 slots).

Anyone think they have a Hack/Cheat for that?
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Unread 25th December, 2017, 04:29 PM
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Maybe cheat isn't the right word you are looking for here. Sounds to me you are looking for a mutator/mod that can load lots of inventory items. I bet admin would have a good example of such a mod.

You might also try asking at
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Unread 25th December, 2017, 04:57 PM
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You ave to set it on your UT player.

You must ave the files from weapons or other you want in your UT and found the names with StuffImporter.exe
Set your stuff and save it .. all this with the in game echap /mods/stuffSwapper
you can to do it directly with the ini when your are better StuffSwapper.ini

I use it at for weapons and items
and to for mix newnet slv insta double jump translock grapple here

StuffSwapper v3
by Shargl\mou

Note: If you're familiar with StuffSwapper v2 then you might want to skip down to "New for v3".

Have you ever thought "wouldn't it be great if I could take those weapon from that mod but have a couple of weapons from this other mod, the kevlar vest from that mod.... and the jetpack from that mod.... and use them with this gametype that's got nothing to do with any of 'em"? Well maybe not, but that's exactly what you can do with StuffSwapper.

The idea here was to give people a menu that was as easy to use as possible but still allowing complete flexibility. You get four tabs, weapons, ammo, pick-ups and starting weapons. Just select which mod you want to choose the replacement item from and then the item itself. If it's a weapon the ammo in the equivilent slot get's changed automaticaly but you can still go into the ammo menu and rearrange stuff manualy if you want. The menu should pop-up a warning if you try and do anything that won't work so just mess about with different combinations.

You also get the option of selecting up to ten starting weapons, not just the normal two. If you want, give everyone four or five starting weapons and set all the on-map weapons to be removed. The point is it's your choice, make the game play the way you want.

It does pay to keep in mind what you're swapping for what. For example, the jumpboots tend to be put in a level for a reason so if you don't swap them for something does the same sort of thing (like say a jetpack or an anti-gravity belt) you may not be able to get everywhere. Also weapons are usualy placed on the map with some attention to where they'll be useful so try and match the new weapons to the old. Otherwise you'll end up with a shotgun in the sniper tower and a rifle in those twisty turny corridors. Lastly, remember that the Redeemer and Chainsaw slots don't have any ammo to go with them so a lot of weapons will keep running out of ammo if you put them there.

All the swap menus have a Sync Mods button. The idea with this is a lot of the time most of the items will be from one mod. Clicking this button sets all the mod combo-boxs to match the last one you selected. If that doesn't make sense give it a try and you'll soon see what I mean.

There are a couple of additional tabs you should be aware of. The first is Configs and let's you switch between ten swap configs, just click the box next to the one you want and away you go. You can give each a name so you can tell them apart (otherwise it get's real confusing real quick).

The other tab is Mods and gives you a list of all the mods you have configured for StuffSwapper (taken from your StuffSwapperItems.ini). Double click on a mod or drag and drop it to exclude it from StuffSwapper. That way mods you don't like or don't have aren't cluttering up the menus when you're setting up your swaps. To put them back in the menu just drag them back to the included list. Best of all though is the button on this page that checks all the mods StuffSwapper's configured for and excludes or includes them automaticaly based on what you've got installed. Don't say I don't make life easy for ya )

StuffSwapper comes set-up with a wide list of supported mods but it also comes with a tool called StuffImporter so you can add your own. If you can't be bothered with this, no problem, I'll be keeping an up to date file on this site that you can just copy over top of the old one to add support for new mods. StuffImporter can also make and import STF files, little text files that can contain either or both item details and swap configs. If you add a new mod and want to send the item details or your favourite swap config to a friend this makes it easy.

Installation: Just unzip the files and put them in your UT System directory. If you're installing over the top of an old StuffSwapper install and you want to keep old configs then don't overwrite the ini files. On a Mac it looks like you need to have the ini files straight in the UnrealTournament folder rather than System.

For network games you don't need to have StuffSwapper added as a server package but you will need to have any mods that you select weapons from added (not all mods support on-line play though).

The StuffSwapper download also includes StuffImporter. If you run this on a windows platform and get an error saying it's missing MSVBVM60.DLL then you need the StuffImporter self-extracting installer which you can get from This is 'cos older versions of windows don't have this support file and another install hasn't already put it on (it's a fairly common file for non-game software).

Problems: Some items won't work properly under StuffSwapper because they're non-standard in some way (this includes current versions of Infiltration, Strike Force and Tactical Ops). Often these are from mods where you get all your gear at the start so the items aren't designed to be picked up, sometimes the image used on the ground looks wrong, sometimes they don't work at all. Also, some of the weapons have bugs in them (see the listing of mods supported by the default ini file for details). If you get problems with an item please check it doesn't do the same without StuffSwapper, then if it looks like this mods the problem let me know and I'll check it out.

Compatibility: The mod should work with other gametypes or mutators even if they swap items. For example, you can run the ChaosUT mutator to use the kick, grappling hook, etc. but still have the flexibility of using StuffSwapper for item selection. The only mods that definitely won't really work with this one are class base mods as the items you start with are part of the balancing of the classes so it really doesn't make sense to swap them.

StuffSwapper works fine with any map that uses the default UT equipment including Unreal 1 maps (which sort'a do under UT). It's also compatible with Kakutou, so if you fancy some martial arts action load that mutator along-side StuffSwapper.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to DevilDog for his help testing item codes for mods my sad internet connection was scared of. Also thanks to CH4R1ie for his endless stream of suggestions; I know I'm taking a risk encouraging you but a number of them did end up in this release ;o)

New for v3

Instead of setting say the Flak Cannon to be replaced by a particular item you can now set it to be replaced by "Random". This pops up another window that lets you select up to ten weapons that will randomly replace the original item. During the game each weapon spawn point randomly selects items from that list to spawn so you're never sure what's going to appear next. Ammo automaticaly spawns to match whatever weapon has appeared. You can also set Pick-ups to spawn randomly and it works the same way ('cept without the ammo obviously).

Starting items are also randomisable. Set the starting weapons up in the normal way, then switch to the Options tab and use the slider to set how many of these will randomly be given to each player. If you set it to "Disabled" all players will get all the starting weapons.

The other new features are also on the Options page. Another slider sets the starting body armor of players to 0, 50, 100 or 150.

Lastly you can now control weapon switch priority. Click on the Adjust Priorities button and a screen like the one in the UT engine appears, complete with spinning model of the weapon. The difference is this one shows mod-weapons and by dragging items up and down the list you can customise the priority they get when UT's auto-switch decides if it should put the weapon you've just picked up into your hand.

Couple of thing to be aware of. Firstly, seeing as the UT weapon priority screen doesn't show mod weapons mod authors haven't always bothered to fill in all the properties properly for their weapons. The result is the description box may come up with little or nothing and sometimes the rotating model won't appear. It's purely cosmetic though, the item still appears in the list and you can still set it's priority.

The other thing is that the priority list in UT's user.ini is fifty items long. That should be plenty most of the time but in theory with the new randomiser you could have one hundred weapons in a game (although if you do, expect it to take a real long time to start). If you have more than 50 (or 37 if you leave the "Allow overwriting of UT priorities" checkbox unchecked) you'll be able to set the priorities as normal but seeing as there isn't room to save them all the priorities won't work properly. This isn't as bad as it sounds seeing as currently if you play a lot of mods your priorities aren't working properly anyway.

UT Priority Switching: This is a dull (duller?) techy bit mainly for mod coders who want to understand why weapon switch priorities don't work so good if you play a lot of mods. I was really suprised when I figured this out so I guess it might be news to some of you too.

When you pick up a weapon UT looks in the weapon priority list read in from the user.ini. If it's already in there it's position is used to decide the switching. If not it goes into the list at the position of it's AutoSwitchPriority default property and the weapons above it in the list are pushed up a slot.

This works fine with the UT weapons, there's only a dozen of them and they all start off in the list. But think about what happens when you start playing a lot of mods. They work exactly the same way only they don't appear in UT's Weapon screen for you to move up and down. As more are added to the list the UT weapons get pushed higher and higher up the list. Before long you've got all fifty slots full and the weapons at the top of the list start getting pushed out. Next time you pick that one up it gets added in again but seeing as the AutoSwitchPriority properties range from zero to ten they always get put in near the bottom.

The end result is you could have some Redeemer style uber-weapon in the list at ten while a rusty teaspoon weapon that came in at one but has been in the list a while is at forty five! You're left playing the game wondering why the damned rusty teaspoon keeps on taking priority over everything.

StuffSwapper mostly solves this by blanking the list each time your game starts so that items come in at their default priorities or if you've set them through it's menu, at the priorities you set. If you don't check the "Allow overwriting of UT priorities" checkbox on StuffSwapper's Options page 13 slots will be reserved to carry the priorities for the default UT weapons. This means their order won't be reset to defaults when you start a game with StuffSwapper loaded but it only leaves 37 slots not 50 for the weapons you're using.


This is quick run-down of the mods currently supported by the items list included with StuffSwapper. Not to say these are the only mods StuffSwapper supports, in theory it should work with any mod containing new items, just that these ones are already in the list. Also, I'm only commenting here on how the items work in StuffSwapper not on the mods as a whole.

There's one other thing I'd like to say and that's if you download these mods to play them with StuffSwapper then please also try them as their authors intended. While some mods are just a collection of new weapons others give you a whole lot more and you won't get the full experience without activating the mod as a gametype or mutator.

AgentX 2.0: A well rounded collection of real-life weapons all with new models. This one's been around for a while and there have probably been flasher real weapon collections since but it's a classic. In fact it was this working as a mutator when so many other new weapons could only be accessed through a new gametype that got me thinking about doing StuffSwapper.
Issues: None
Highlight: They're all good but if I had to pick one it would be the FAMAS

Bunny Bomber 1.00: There's one weapon in here, the already infamous Bunny Bomber! This fires a smoke trailing rabbit that homes in on nearby enemies before exploding kamakazie style. Love it or hate it (I come from a part of the world where rabbits are an introduced menace so they don't get much sympathy), this is one of the more original weapon mods in a while.
Issues: None
Highlight: Hey, the rabbits explode, what more could you want.

ChaosUT GOTYE: Small set of very high quality and original weapons. I've put the powerful Vortex Generator and Turret Launcher in both the Pick-Up and Weapons lists because you might want to swap them for say the UDamage or the Redeemer. StuffSwapper's flexible enough you could even have them as starting weapons but it'd be a short game.
Issues: Some of the Chaos weapons have multiple ammo types but to UT are really seperate weapons (eg. Claw with proxy, Claw with flak ammo, etc.) Adding these new sub-weapons when you pick up their ammo does work under StuffSwapper but seems a bit flakey.
Highlight: The crossbow with explosive bolts, silent but deadly (well silent till they go BOOOM!)

Combat Zone 1.0: Some of the best real weapons I've seen in UT but you still had the ImpactHammer which didn't really fit. Now you can swap that slot for something from another mod, along with anything else you don't like! Also includes a fairly realistic looking medbox.
Issues: The XM1014 Shotgun doesn't seem to have any spread but I like it all the same (reminds me of the gun that shot through a car in the Alien Nation pilot, only episode I ever saw so don't ask me what it was).
Highlight: This is a tough one but I'm gonna have to go with the H&K G11.

Covert Forces alpha4: This mod continues it's honorable mission of covering all the small arms in existence. A lot of the weapons are pretty similar but there's nothing wrong with choice. An interesting mix of kit here including the SAW, Saigia12, TMP and SR25 (supressed sniper rifle - a first in UT?), plus a lot of the weapons come in silenced and non-silenced versions. The models are good but skins are a bit placeholder looking.
Issues: None
Highlight: Saiga12 auto-shotgun ('bout time someone did this one)

Enhanced Sniper Rifle: The standard UT Sniper Rifle with a much slicker scope.
Issues: None
Highlight: Scope auto-zooms to whatever you aim it at.

Excessive Overkill 1.0: This mod takes the standard UT weapons and ups both the fire rate and damage... excessively. The visual effects are also proportionately OTT.
Issues: It's been said plenty before, but the main prob with Excessive is all the pyrotechnics kill the framerate. Also it can be hard to see your opponents through all the effects.
Highlight: The Excessive Bio-Rifle is the way the BR was meant to be.

FEBA Episode 168: Since this merged with the Insurrection mod it's had awesome weapons and plenty of 'em. This is one you definitely also want to try as a stand-alone mod, there's a lot in here.
Issues: None
Highlight: Double Flechette Pistols

Front Line Assault 100: It's 'bout time someone did a good set of WW2 weapons for UT. Some of the skins look kinda blurred and the mod has some half finished weapons that I haven't included here but all up this shows loads of promise.
Issues: None
Highlight: Thompson SMG

Infiltration 2.75: Not the latest version of this fine mod but still a good set of realistic weapons. Even the alt-fire to raise the weapon into the firing position works!
Issues: None
Highlight: Silenced MP5 sub-machine gun

Legacy: As you'd expect from a mod that extends Unreal's story using the UT engine the theme of this lot's similar to the original Unreal kit.
Issues: None
Highlight: The SmartDisk's tonnes of fun but maybe a little too dangerous so I'm going for the DetPack. Think U4E's pipe bomb crossed with a Redeemer (hmm.. I guess that sounds pretty dangerous too).

Marathon Rampancy beta1.0: A mix of semi-realistic and futuristic weapons based on the Mac game Marathon.
Issues: The MA-75 uses two ammo types. Only the primary ammo will be added automatically but you can manually add the grenades in a spare slot.
Highlight: The reload on the SPNKR rocket launcher is sheer quaity

Marathon Resurrection beta1.1: The latest release from the other Mararthon team has a completely different emphasisis but here we're looking at the weapons. This has a few extra to choose from but in my opinion most of the models aren't quite as good, the exception being the shotgun. Still quality stuff though.
Issues: As above the MA-75 uses two ammo types.
Highlight: Double shotguns! 'Nuf said.

NextGen Weapons beta1: Argueably the best of the modified UT weapon sets. All use the right click to change fire modes allowing lot's of modes per weapon (even when there's only two modes which is kind'a pointless). Many of the weapons let you use one in each hand and there's a definite incendiary theme going on here.
Issues: If you have a number of these in the same game expect to burn to death after you've killed your opponent... a lot. For those with pyromaniac tendencies the Burning Player mutator is better balanced.
Highlight: If you want to pick one to use alongside weapons from other mods NextGen's Rocket Launcher, the SRL, fits in well.

Night's Edge 0.9.5: The standard selection of pistols, sub-machine guns and rifles with a couple of laser weapons and a grenade thrown in for variety.
Issues: None
Highlight: Vortex M17 Laser Pistol (for originality not effectiveness)

nUT 0.5.6: I've included these because I think they have the potential to be the best near future UT weapons I've seen. They're all stunningly modeled with really solid sounds and feels to them. Unfortunately they've got a few bugs which don't go away just because you use StuffSwapper to access them. These look to me like weapons in need of a mod, maybe something with a cyber-punk theme.
Issues: Buggy (check the nUT readme for how to reload them).
Highlight: Any

OldSkool 2.39: Network capable versions of the Unreal weapons and some of the pick-ups, plus three original weapons using old models.
Issues: The Invis, Energy Amp and Shield Belt are really their UT equivilents inside the Unreal models. That's a good thing in that they work properly in UT but if you want to try the originals they're in the Unreal section below.
Highlight: To be honest I didn't think the weapons in Unreal were that great but probably the best thing about this mod is being able to play Unreal in UT.

Operation Stingray 2.0: Includes a remodeled and upgraded mine launcher and a new weapon, the Quark Gloun Generator plus a lot of minor improvements to the rest. All up, an imaginative mix of real life and fictional weapons all done to a high standard. Another mod that you don't want to miss also trying as a gametype, give Capture the Computer a go for the full experience.
Issues: None
Highlight: Toss up between the new Quark Gloun Generator (check out the combo!) and the Nuke 50.

PerUnreal beta1: I suspect the coder of this one's a sound engineer in Real Life seeing as all but four are the standard UT weapons with new sound effects. There are three weapons done from scratch, Minigun, Shotgun and Machinegun, which are OK but nothing we haven't seen elsewhere done better. Also there's the Rock Lobber which uses the Unreal FlakCannon model and umm.... lobs rocks. The new sounds are quality though.
Issues: None
Highlight: The noise on the Pulse Gun's alt-fire... hey that sounds familar?!!

SiN2UT 4.0: The SiN weapons capture the comic-book feel of the original game well. Good fun these.
Issues: None
Highlight: Assault Rifle

SmartRockets 2: A modified UT Rocket Launcher where the rockets will chase players round corners and if they miss come back for another go.
Issues: The bots are rubbish at avoiding the rockets
Highlight: Rocket dodging

StickyJack: There's two versions, the original StickyJack and the improved RazorTrap. They're both modified Unreal RazorJacks but the razors stick in the walls and release when you click the secondary fire. There's also some armor that protects against head shots.
Issues: None
Highlight: The Razor Trap blades are harder to see and keep bouncing after you release them.

Strangelove 2.0: This latest verison of the Strangelove ride-the-rocket mod features very professional looking graphics, both for the rocket and the new sidearm.
Issues: None
Highlight: Chasing someone with the rocket!

The Blob: So what sort of a wierd-arse weapon's a Blob then? It's a big white round thing that fires tardballs and spins a lot. There, I'm glad we got that cleared up.
Issues: None
Highlight: Seeing as this is a single weapon mod the Blob sort of wins by default.

Unreal: All the weapons and a lot of the pick-ups from the original Unreal. Seeing as they're in the UT code anyway you don't need a mod for them.
Issues: The weapons don't have net code and the Invis doesn't seem to fool the bots. If you want versions of these that work properly try OldSkool.
Highlight: The bandages are better than the health vials with some themes and the scuba gear comes in handy on some maps.

Unreal4Ever 6.02: U4E wins the award for most items in a single mod and it isn't a case of quantity over quality. Not exactly a realisim mod though, a lot of this stuff doesn't take itself too seriously.
Issues: Some weapons use multiple ammo types. Only the primary ammo will be added automatically but you can manually add the others if you want.
Highlight: The FleshBomb Rifle. You can't beat hittin' someone with this and watching them run round like a headless chicken before they explode, leaving only a glowing skeleton!

UT Classes 1.10: A bit of a mixed bag this. A lot of the items I've left out as they're identical or near identical to standard UT kit. There's three weapons using new models but of those the Tri-barrel shotgun and FlameCaster don't seem to work so well. They do look good though. The Pyrex Launcher uses the UT Rocket Launcher model and has a flashy pyro-technic effect that seems to do more damage to my frame rate than to the opposition.
Issues: This is a class based mod where you start with all the weapons you can use so they aren't designed to be picked up. Expect some to look a bit funny on the ground.
Highlight: The Saturation Launcher's got a sweet model and does what it says on the tin.

UT Tremor 1.07: The Quake 3 weapons in UT. Models are a bit oversize and the skins fuzzy and bright giving them a cartoony look.
Issues: None
Highlight: The BFG

Voodoo Arena 1.0: These are voodoo dolls that let you launch magical attacks. The dolls are minature or transparent versions of the Unreal monsters that you hold out in front of you, so the graphics look good and it's nothing if not original.
Issues: None
Highlight: Fire Doll

Voodoo Arena BFG 1.0: This one's an odd mix of voodoo dolls and guns which for me don't really go together. No matter, using StuffSwapper you can take the dolls and mix them with the one's from Voodoo Arena to fill the gaps. With the guns you've got variants on the Sniper Rifle and Super Shock Rifle, the Radial Cannon and the Redeemer style Air Strike Uplink. This last one's interesting but I'm not sure the Pulsegun was the best choice for the model.
Issues: None
Highlight: The Radial Cannon's a quality bit of work. It's got an excellent original model and skin, can be used akimbo and is about the right power for a starting weapon.

WAR 2.0: This new version of WAR answers pretty much every petty gripe I had with it. The superb Jetpack has a new model, the fire from the Marine Assault Carbine's flamethrower can be put out by jumping in water, the Germ Sprayer (aka Flea Gun) fires faster and the Marine Assault Shotgun's been re-skinned. There's new stuff too, including an invis that's total when you stand still, a Suicide Vest and a powered suit so you can do that million dollar man impression.
Issues: None (but a lot of the kit is still a bit unbalanced)
Highlight: The best thing in here's not a weapon at all, it's the JetPack. Every press of the bound key launches you into the air with a trail of smoke and just give it a light touch as you come down to avoid falling damage.

Weapons Factory 106: Balanced selection mostly using very nice, brand spanking new models.
Issues: Weapon's don't look right on the ground 'cos like UT Classes' they're not supposed to be pick-ups.
Highlight: No surprises here, anyone who's played this knows it has to be the Chain Cannon. Ultra-firerate balanced by an ultra-slow spin up.

StuffImporter v2.2

StuffImporter's a little windows app that comes with StuffSwapper to make it easy for you to import equipment from other mods. You don't really need it as StuffSwapper comes with item details for most compatible UT mods anyway. If you can't be bothered or aren't comfortable messing about with this sort of thing then probably best leave it alone.

If you used the old version you'll notice a new look. You get a listing of the mods that StuffSwapper's configured for (both included and excluded) and a list of the swap configs you've set up. All the functions now get kicked off from the drop down menu.

To import items from a mod run StuffImporter and select "Import from mod" on the menu. It'll ask you to browse to a UScript file, select one and away it goes. Now comes the tricky bit. Even though StuffImporter does most of the work you'll probably have to open up the StuffSwapperList.ini file in notepad to tweak the mod name and some of the item names. It can also put the odd thing in the wrong list or include some things that aren't swappable items at all.

So you've got a fighting chance of doing this manual tweaking and it still working, here's a quick rundown of the ini file format. First off, check out the example below:

Weapon[1]=MOD:Unreal DES:ASMD STR:UnrealShare.ASMD AMO:UnrealShare.ASMDAmmo
Weapon[2]=MOD:Unreal DES:Eightball STR:UnrealShare.Eightball AMO:UnrealShare.RocketCan
Weapon[3]=MOD:Unreal DES:Flak Cannon STR:UnrealI.FlakCannon AMO:UnrealI.FlakBox

Ammo[1]=MOD:Unreal DES:ASMD Ammo STR:UnrealShare.ASMDAmmo
Ammo[2]=MOD:Unreal DES:Rocket Can STR:UnrealShare.RocketCan
Ammo[3]=MOD:Unreal DES:Flak Box STR:UnrealI.FlakBox

Pickup[1]=MOD:Unreal DES:Armor STR:UnrealShare.Armor
Pickup[2]=MOD:Unreal DES:Bandages STR:UnrealShare.Bandages
Pickup[3]=MOD:Unreal DES:SCUBA Gear STR:UnrealShare.SCUBAGear

The file has three sections; [StuffSwapper.StuffSwapperWeaponPage], [StuffSwapper.StuffSwapperAmmoPage] and [StuffSwapper.StuffSwapperPickupPage]. OK, so not too hard to figure out what they're for. There's one line for each item containing all it's details. Key words are used to tell StuffSwapper where each parameter starts ('cos UScript doesn't support multi-dimensional arrays), "MOD:" is the mod name, "DES:" is the item description and "STR:" is the string used for the item swapping.

The "AMO:" key word is only present on items in the weapons section and tells it what change to make to the ammo config when the weapon's selected. I did this because it makes the menu much faster than loading the object and asking it what it's ammo was.

If you want to move something from the Pickup list to the Weapon list just replace the "Pickup[" with "Weapon[" on the front (don't worry about the number in the square brackets or it being in the wrong section). Then run StuffImporter and select "Sort item list" from the menu and it gets moved into the right section, sorted and renumbered.

Same for deleting a line. You can't leave gaps in the numbering, but rather than renumbering all the other entries if you take something out of the middle of a section just re-sort the ini file with StuffImporter.

To create an STF file select one or more items off the "Mods" and "Configs" lists and select "Create STF file" from the menu. You'll then be asked where you want the file saved and what you want to call it. Job done. To import an STF file just select "Import STF file" from the menu and browse to the STF you want to import. If the STF includes a swap config you get asked which of your ten existing configs you want to replace or you can just skip it.

StuffImporter's also handy for exporting the source files (.uc) from compiled UScript (.u) files using the "Uncompile U to UC" function. I guess this is of more use to mod coders though.
If you play with my optimized UnrealTournament-V3 StuffSwapper is on place.
Files for UT99 utfiles All new releases and updates are listed here All news
Most popular is UnrealTournament-V3 With over 14000 visits to date.It is an optimized UT99 to download.

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Unread 25th December, 2017, 07:31 PM
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no i have Stuffswapper V3 already but what im looking for is a way to put more weapons on the 'Starting' Weapons, which would almost be like im randomizing the pickup weapons and stuff but not quite.

im sorry if i sound dumb in any way for not understanding this totally.
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Unread 25th December, 2017, 08:18 PM
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Maybe something like this.
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