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Unread 8th September, 2003, 04:58 AM
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As a second PC, I just got one of those iMacs that have the swivel monitor and such. It uses an OS called OSX and I've gotten a hold of a copy of UT for Mac. I also have the Bonus Pack 1 and 436 patch for a Mac and a UT OSX patch.

I need to know if anyone here is playing UT on a Mac and if they are playing in OSX or in Classic OS9. I'm getting some errors when I launch the game and I suspect I didn't install everything in the right order. The main question I have right now is with the 436 patch for Mac, do you still have to use the CD to play? I know that you don't have to with 436 on a PC. Thanks for any help rendered.

I sure could use some help installing the game correctly and then maybe I will try to serve from it as well!

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Unread 3rd November, 2003, 05:53 PM
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For the best performance running in OS9 is it. The current UTXp3 is playable but buggy and unfinished. Ryan is working on an offical UTX port for UTPG. Back to the "two weeks" deal.

For OSX play you need to do all the installs from OS 9 first. If you update to 436 in OSX it hoses the app. If you do the leg work and research you can get UTXp3 running. Once you get the installs done 436 will play the same as it does for the PC. ie no cd.

Now hosting from a Mac is a whole different story. It never has been stable. A Mac server needs to get rebooted everyday. I've used them in LANs and thats about it. They make fine servers, just have to babysit them.

Some good forums for info are at and

Peace and welcome to the other side.

LOL I just noticed you've been to MA and posted about your server.
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