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Unread 14th March, 2012, 05:48 PM
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Default [Nexgen] Nexgen Player Lookup System

Version 2.00 released!! *CLICK* - version 1.00 is no longer supported!

Nexgen Player Lookup System ~ By Sp0ngeb0b

This is a plugin which I have developed for more than a year now. I never released it to the public, I ran it only on my server and over the time I added more and more features, elimiating bugs and more. I just thought now is the right time to give it to you guys out there, benefit from it just as I did.

Nexgen Player Lookup System is a plugin for the NexgenServerController which collects many information about all players who ever connected to your server. The saved information consists of:

- Player Names
- Player IPs
- Player Hostnames
- Actions against this player (amount of warnings/mutes/kicks/bans)
- Number of visits on your server
- Last visit timestamp

For identifying, NexgenPlayerLookup uses the unique Nexgen ID of every player.

... but wait, this is not all:

The main advantage of NexgenPlayerLookup is that it doesn't require any additional resources (like a web database), ofcourse except Nexgen. You can run this directly and only on your server! The database is able to store a maximum of 15.000 entries. Besides this, the plugin comes with a powerful in-game tab located in the NexgenServerController. You can give your admins the right to use this tab, which will give them access to the complete database, including searching modes for Nexgen IDs, Player Names, Player IPs, and Player Hostnames!


(Personal data has been blacked out for this preview)

Credits and thanks
- Defrost for developing Nexgen. Without his previous work I would have never come so far, many thanks!

- Thanks to Matthew "MSuLL" Sullivan for giving me the idea of a lookup database with his original UniversalUnreal mod. Also a big thanks to him for his work on IpToCountry (as well as to [es]Rush) and for letting me use parts of his hostname detector code which is part of his HostnameBan.

- To my admin team from the 'ComboGib >GRAPPLE< Server <//UrS//>', for their intensive testing, bug-finding and feedback, and ofcourse for simply beeing the best team to have. Big thanks guys!


Please read the readme. Please do it. All possible bugs have been explained there DETAILED - I don't want to get asked this several times

Alright, where can I download it?!

NexgenPlayerLookup112 (For Nexgen 112)
NexgenPlayerLookup112N (For Nexgen 112N)

Download Nexgen
In order to run this plugin, you have to run the NexgenServerController, which you can find here

If you want to collect the amount of warnings for a player, you have to run NexgenWarn.

Feedback is welcome!

Last edited by Sp0ngeb0b : 7th October, 2013 at 08:13 PM. Reason: 2.00 released.
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